3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


Zerret switched to red late in the second after green had got well and truly on top.


I think a handful switched. can’t remember who else though.


Green went the other way, I think smack did too.


I believe Green switched to Red, and Redman switched to Green.


Assume Green on red saw Brown go to him?


That would be why I said “in the first half”.

Edited to fix abood’s pickup, I’d hit the wrong button.


Are you arguing with yourself ants?


This is why you need a colour commentator.


I might be wrong, but would think it’s pronounced ‘strawn’.


Go Green for footy and clap loudly for the Red Energy Meter!


I wonder what Russell Blew would make of it.


I wonder when we get a report on Hurls’ “knock”


Back home in balmy Queensland, basking in the afterglow of a wonderful sports themed weekend with my seven year old, highlighted by… the BomberBlitz barbecue of course! Firstly, a big thank you to the organisers headed by CEO Soulnet, cooks and bottle washers headed by Chef Tombob, various suppliers of food and drink (thoroughly enjoyed by us interstate freeloaders), welcoming committee headed by Maitre D Blood Stained Devils, EFC for permitting the event, the many fellow Blitzers I was privileged to meet and chat with, and last but not least, our personal Chauffeur theDJR! Below are a few photos for your viewing pleasure!

My son with two all time legends - one from EFC, one from Blitz:

Our first ever sight of all of the magnificent Cups:

Son with… Katie Leo!?:

You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf… I now present to you… Blitz on a Balcony:

Son with curious local hobo identity:

Son with 70s adult movie star Joe ‘Big Mo’ Sexington (don’t worry mum, it was in a Blitzer supervised PG setting):

Son with token hot guy photo for mum at home:

Son with Andrew Lovett-Murray (who sadly for him, has been demoted early in this pre-season to only ‘third favourite’ for Bomberjay07 junior, behind Joey D and the recently elevated Dyson H):

Self with recent EFC recruit Devon Smith (EFC have kindly (and no doubt, appropriately) seen fit to put both of us in the famous number 5 guernsey):

Son with 2000 Grand Final photo hanging at MCG:

Son with EFC Memorabilia at National Sports Museum:


@Bomberjay07 fabulous, thanks for posting.


Great photos.




Yeah, but where was Laverde?


Great photo’s.


Generally agree, I would swap in Begley for Myers also because of his versatility, but this is based more on potential than exposed form, and the leadership of Myers isn’t to be discounted in the midfield, if he can take his execution up a notch this year. I am a Gleeson fan, but with Brown showing some good form, he has the advantage of being able to better cover Hooker forward if a gorilla opposition forward gets loose in our backline, he is also, like Gleeson, a good intercept mark in the backline. So my best 22 after the intra club would be:

Brown Ambrose Baguely
McKenna Hurley Saad
Zaka Heppell Parish
Fantasia Daniher Stringer
Stewart Hooker Walla
TBC Zerrett Smith
Goddard McGrath Langford Begley

Emerg: Myers, Gleeson, McNeice, Green

It is getting a very hard call when Gleeson isn’t in the side, it would be good if McNeice can step up as our new back pocket as well. A lot of these choices could ride on how strong (and experienced) the bodies of the opposition are, which could favour Brown, Myers and Baguely or Gleeson, Begley and McNeice.

I admit picking Begley is speculating on his potential, but I think he could be the break out player this year as a mid forward who could rotate with Stringer.


I was hoping for a touch of Lavender.