3rd Annual BB BBQ Intraclub. It's ended! Photos up!


I couldn’t have loved this post more if I tried.


Yep, post of the year so far.

Great share.


The pose of the guy in the first photo sucks, though.


I’m disappointed that there wasn’t long socks with sandals.


Side chest shot doesn’t suit you.
Next time go the double biceps pose…can’t go wrong !


I find the double-headed cobra suits all occasions.


I thought Fletch looked really good in that pose.


feeling all warm and fussy after reading the last 100 or so posts. I’m upset I couldn’t get down this weekend (had a family commitment) but hopefully next year.

Watched around half of the game on the live stream. we played well. The three S’s make a huge difference.


Been working out with Gleeson?