4 Dec 17 - Training Pics from the Interwebs

A few days late,but better than a poke in the eye

Ridley and Franga running hard

Franga is starting to like the running

Smith looking poooped

The boys try to catch their breath

And back to running

Zaka’s guns are getting so big they have to be taped up to stop them exploding

Pushing through the barrier

Oh, that is not fun…

Mr Football loving the wet

Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish has been hitting up the gym

Goes BOOM!

Myersy pushes hard

Sucking them in

Myers about to unleash the beast


The Langford shows off his new number


Silky smooth

Yeah, he is happy with that one

Trav runs laps in the rain

Big Jim, looking bigger


Saad is faarking faast!

Never in a million years Corra

Shows how to do a Saad step

Fires out the handpass

He makes us look faster just with a handpass

A new fan favourite in the making

LAV and Big Jim run laps

■■■■! Walla is catching us!!

Walla is putting in the hard yards

The Ridler on the move

Steps around Corra

And shapes for the kick

Nice action from the big fella


Pigeon tries to explain to Darcy why some people speak French in Canada

Clarke is becoming one big mother

The Langford burning up the track

Pushes hard at the end of the lap

And easing off

Jakey floats across the surface

Oh my goodness

Fasten your seatbelts

The Pigeon is about to take off



Darcy tells Jake a funny one

Get away with ya…

Marty shows how the intercept mark is done


Raz watches the boys running through their paces

You know you only came for the Stringer show!


Stringer is the least defined of the lot! And we thought he was the monster-er…

There are those of us who live a long way from the team we love and we hang on to every bit of news available and pore over any and every image.

So thank you Warlock_Paul, you’ve made this old Bomber supporter very happy. I’m sure many others will analyse each player you shot, just as I did and will benefit from your endeavors and generosity in posting here for us.

Once again, thank you and please feel free to post whatever you shoot. Hell, I’d sit and critique the bin or witches hats. No not Fark Carlton, the other witches hats.


Greta work @Warlock_Paul

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I know it’s ‘that’ time of year but jeez D.Parish…Phoarrr


Great work! Love the photos & captions… thanks! All looking good…Very exciting times ahead!

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Thanks mate, I know exactly how you feel.

I didn’t take these photos though, I just pulled them from various image libraries as they are posted up. I feel it is more fun to have them here on Blitz, where we can dissect and discuss them, than just sitting on a web page.


He would be a beast if he put his heart in to it. Maybe this is the wake up call for him as he hasn’t even entered his peak years yet, so his development potential is unknown. ■■■■■■ exciting none the less.

Just roll with it mate!

You’re a great photographer!!!