#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford




So many trolls, so little time.


In short you are a ■■■■


Lets all take a chill pill.

Glass half full:

It’d be great if, after another preseason, Raz & Walla spend more time in the midfield in 2018, freeing up room in the mid/fwd rotations for Langers to step up into.

I genuinely like his skills, especially with ball in hand, and he was one of the bright lights in the '16 season, when I thought he’d locked down a spot in the best 22 on the HF flank.


When you right off our kids and then communicate the bolded section above I suggest next time you take your own advice and present facts.

Frankly, when I see stuff like this I wonder whether you watch football, and also wonder if you do watch football, and do love Essendon why do you even bother? If I thought like you I just wouldn’t watch the game.


pssst… troll.


How did he go in the sprint? Missed it.


He didn’t run?


Didn’t make the final 8


I’m shocked!


He’s so slow he didn’t even make it to the start line!


He’s better than average pace for his height.

Not sure what the selection criteria is though.


What did I say? You responded to me saying I preferred Lav over Langford. Never said anything about getting rid of him. Not sure why you went after me on that.


Selection for Essendon is who the club wants to give the bonus payment to. The sprinters get a few grand $ appearance fee, so it tends to be someone who has worked hard e.g. Ambrose.


Hope Langford took note of Richmond’s intensity today. That’s the benchmark for individual and team success.


Just Langford? Or the whole side?


Poor langers is not even playing and he copping it - he’ll get traded and be a star


Only Langford would be critically assessed for his performance in a Grand Final sprint. Lol.


He’s still running to the start line. Keeps fumbling.


Did he show some intensity at least?