#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Makes sense. Always wondered why we never out anyone with a chance in it. We have the likes of colyer, raz, pidge and McKenna who could all probably win the thing, and we never run them.


Kyles so slow, he still thinks hes at the 2016 Grand Final


Essendon has always taken this p!ss out of the GF sprint. I don’t know why they wouldn’t put someone like McKenna in it who might represent the club admirably. Was it Ambrose we chose last year?




We chose Walla, or we should have? I remember Ambrose representing us last year and Ryder before that.


Walla 2016, Ambrose 2015


McKenna’s in Eire right now right?
There’s a bit of an element of ‘who’s the quickest guy who’s still in Melbourne and wants to do it?’


Gee, Langford is the new Stanton going off these comments.


If we aren’t picking Andy McGrath, then we aren’t being serious.


When supporters are strongly critiquing the contribution of 1st to 3rd year players you know the actual senior players haven’t been able to form a best 22 that is capable of winning a flag.

I look for signs of potential in the recruits as much as anyone. It’s part of the festival of hope that football/sport escapism provides. But I think when it turns negative, some of the assumptions made about players can be over the top. Turning 20 year olds into whipping boys is definitely over the top. Sure they get paid well etc etc, but if we’re serious about finding responsibility for mediocrity then we surely have to look toward a collective or more senior players for that.


The Langford is pictured on page 3 of the Saturday Sun, smiling like the cat that got the cream.

Wait until the vacation is over and he spends 4 months honing his stoppage skillz before the blowtorch is applied in the guts next season.

Seriously I hope he does well as a mid. We need him.


Pictures or it didn’t happen.




WTf is David Schwimmer doing in a beautiful woman’s closet?


No wonder he’s smiling.


Oddly, I think Langford could be the key to the chances of Essendon going deep into Sept next year.

If, and it is a major IF, he can hold his own as the big bodied ball winning midfielder Essendon need, then I think a top 4 finish next year is definitely achievable.

However, I’m yet to see anything to suggest that Langford is capable of succeeding in that mid-field role.

Don’t mind him as a half forward, but I don’t think there’s a place for him as a forward given all the other available talent.
I reckon Langford could be best suited to becoming an intercepting marking third tall defender, but I doubt he’ll get that chance in 2018.

Next season could well be mid-field or bust for Langford.


If Laverde could get his fitness up to the required level, and he needs to, then he’s a viable option for that role too, and to supplement or complement our mid-tallforward too.


Laverdes skills below his knees make Colyer look like Greg Williams


No he didn’t. He started in the center square zero times and lined up on the wing zero times. In fact he was often one of our deepest forwards. Sure he got up the ground occasionally but when a team presses up the ground of course the forwards move up. And of course leading up to the wings in a HF role sometimes. His best possessions in that game were probably his 3 scoring shots, all of which came from leading out and marking inside forward 50.

Laverde may make it as a mid, but currently there is very little evidence in favour of that. It seems more a hope of supporters based on the fact he is tall and athletic, so they want him to be a “big bodied mid”.

And seeing as this is the Langford thread, he did play forward for parts of that game. But he also seemed to roam up the ground much more than Laverde when he was forward, and Langford actually did start of the wing numerous times. So not only did he play a better forward game, he played a better midfield game.

Perhaps we should just alternate Stringer and Langford from half forward to midfield.


It’s obvious that the club is pretty much pinning their hopes on this guy becoming a big bodied inside midfielder.
Although he reminds me of a sloth when i watch him play i’m hoping he will become the midfielder we need.
Expecting a huge 2018 from him.