#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Yes they are but a sloth’ interesting comparison not so sure about that .


Langers would be quite content that quite a few ppl contending with him for a spot have been delisted - I think it’s a vote of confidence in him.
He has to make the inside mid spot his own in front of Myers - doubt we’ll see the 2 of them lining up together.


I can’t see why they both can’t play. They different types so I don’t think they are playing for the same position.

Having said that Myers had better clean up his disposal next year. I personally think turnovers were a bigger issue than clearances last year and Myers is one of the main offenders.


all I’ve heard this off-season is speed, speed, speed. They’re both on the slow side and Hepp is a given in the midfield. Having the 3 of them in the engine room would make us very slow… hence my thoughts that we won’t see them together much.


Do you watch much VFL?




langers isn’t as slow as people make out, especially in and around traffic. He also happens to have great hands and a beautiful kick.

I do agree Myers is a problem. He’s a one position player which makes it very difficult to rotate him to another part of the ground to inject pace into the midfield.

Next year we will have McGrath, Langford, Smith and Stringer al rotating through which will make us much quicker than this year.

The reason I say that both those guys can play in the side together is because it appears that Woosha likes Myers and I can’t see him playing VFL.


Drop the girl, get a tatt, shave ya head and farking harden up.


I have no idea why as they are not particularly similar but I get very Mark Bolton feel with Langford.
I think it’s because I can’t figure out why he isn’t as good as He should/could be , I think he will end up having a decent career and hopefully doesnt become one of those guys who never reached his full potential


Let’s hope he doesn’t end up like old cloth arms Bolton.


I think Langford will have a good year. He spent most of the season developing nicely in the VFL and the slow plodders being played ahead of him will mostly be gone.


If he ends up like Michael Bolton I’ll be livid. I hate Jazz.


Kyle “The Glacier” Langford


He’s not slow. Have you seen him play?


i spend a ridiculous amount of time on this essendon football club related forum. what do you reckon?


I reckon you are wrong when it comes to Langford.


Can we play both Langford and Myers in the midfield at the same time?


i would absolutely love for him to be the big bodied mid that we desperately need. but i just dont see it. he takes too long to make decisions on field and when he does, he turns it over. i didnt think he stood out in the vfl either. i thought the VFL listed boys had his number compared to him. i thought hed do pretty well as a 3rd tall forward. played well with not much supply of the footy in 2016. hes also a pretty good set shot. but hes not a midfield man.


Pop quiz. How old is he?

Either you have incredible judgement or are judging too quickly. I know where my money would be.


I’m not Myers biggest fan but the coach seems to rate him.

A lots going to depend on what tactical changes are made to the midfield set ups and which players can make the step up to the next level.

We now have a deep midfield and you could comfortably say that 5 or 6 guys are yet to reach their potential.