#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


was drafted in 2014. 3 years in the system. so 21-22. im not stupid, so you dont have to offer your smug pop quiz again. i dont think hes good enough.


You are going to be in for a big surprise next year. Kids going to be a gun and next year we will start to see that.


i hope so man


He’s still 20. Turns 21 on 1st December


Clearly you are stupid and wrong then. He was the youngest in his draft year and is not even 21 yet.
BTW. You failed my smug pop quiz. DOH!


Years from now

“He’s 30, but his draft year…”


You seem confident that Langford can take that step.

What mKes you so sure?


oh well him being 20 instead of 21 changes my mind about him completely! thanks heaps spud! :+1:


Except that’s the Lang & Lav’s thing, … or at least will be …


Have you heard of rigid thinking?


Oh hoh hoh, … side splitting …

Don’t get on the wrong end of the Lang Train …

Gonna be a fave soon.


please stop talking


I watched him a lot this year in the VFL and I was impressed with how he adapted to the midfield off the back of relatively little experience.

I keep hearing people say he’s slow but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He may be slow if he was in a sprint out on a wing against somebody smaller than him but around stoppages he’s going to show a clean set of heals. He’s got that great shimmy thing going for him that Pendles has that gives him lots of time and space.

He also has great hands in close and always seems to make real smart decisions. His biggest assert in my opinion is that he’s always looking down the field and rarely goes sideways. His quick ball movement will really put defenders on the back foot and not give them time to setup.

He had a four or five week period during the year where I thought he was comfortably in the top two or three on the field if not the best. He was getting High possession counts as well as high tackle counts and also hitting the scoreboard.

People want to continue to compare him to Jobe and Myers and these bull dozer type players but he’s going to be more of a rolls Royce type like Pendles.

I think next year it will be about getting used to playing against the men and from 2019 onwards we are going to have a very exciting player on our hands.


they’re saying hes slow because he stopped or severely hindered forward movement in the 1s. where it matters.


100% spot on. Hes smart, silky had to put on weight and learn a new role. He has a long loping stride which is deceptive and he hits targets.


I have him and Begley stepping up to be very good midfielders over the next couple of years.

I’ve said it before on here but I think our midfield is going to bat very deep soon enough.

Helps even more now that we have Stringer and Smith.




Myers, Stanton, Bird, Howlett, Hocking, where still either ahead or level pegging with him at VFL level. I strongly disagreed with playing him ahead of Myers he simply isn’t as good yet. Myers was a long, long way ahead of him at VFL level. Langas has some great attributes but is not a natural mid, he is a HFF we are trying to turn into a mid, its going to still take time. He progressed as well as could be expected last year, and hopefully continues to next year and can become a solid contributor to midfield. I would not be expecting any sort of magic to happen just because he is likely to play more AFL then VFL.


I don’t agree with this bit.
he was shown up a few times this year. Other than when he blew up (Bris game?) or when they put him on Josh kennedy and he got brutalised, the decision making was often more about being a bit ambitious what he, or his team mates, could do. I don’t think that’s the same as being an outright bad decision maker.
It does get pretty tired this time of year, but I think he could benefit hugely from a really big pre season. His body can’t do what his mind wants it to: not often enough and not for long enough.

At VFL level he was taking the ■■■■, which is as good a guide as any: I don’t see why that can’t translate when he’s fit/strong enough.

If he gets it all together he could be really special. Creative vision, clean hands, big, nice kick, goes OK through traffic, weirdly fast (even though he looks like he’s going slow). At this point I’d be prettt disappointed to see him forward.


I would say Langers was far more influential than all the guys you named except Bird, who he was on par with.