#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Nah Myers gunned at VFL. Only played a handful, had 30+ in most of them. Probably 2? clear BOGs.

All the way through the year I kept thinking Bird had swapped numbers, from the hyperbole about his performances on here. Good hard professional, won plenty of ball, but still workmanlike. An experienced AFL campaigner, still in his 20s, should look a class above VFL. Just looked like a good VFL player - which he is.

Myers has another gear to go to. Whether he will or not is anyone’s guess.


Myers is 29 seriously


Myers big body allowed him to win lots of the ball at VFL level but he makes similar decisions at that level. I don’t want to put Myers down just to build a case for Langers because Myers is a great team player and still has something to give.

But in my opinion by the end of next season Langers will have gone past him.

Bird I thought was very consistent at VFL. He’s not s world beater but he is the one getting his hands dirty digging it out so for mine he gets credit for that. I thought he should have got more opportunities at senior level.


Myers is 29 seriously


28 actually…til halfway through next season


I sure hope so. As we all should. While I think Myers does have another level in him; I’m not sure he’s going to get back there. Not with his injury history.
As I said from the start of this season, we should’ve basically accepted that Jobe/Hocking/Howlett/Myers et al are done, and focussed on getting Langford, Parish and Begley and co in the side, and up to speed as the main priority.

Anyway, thankfully I won’t have to keep reading about Craig Bird’s absolutely terrific world beating cruelly robbed of a Brownlow (as long as he doesn’t have to kick or chase or make a decision) form. Which will save you all from reading it, LOL.


I’m pretty sure you’ve written about Craig Bird more than anybody else on the forum.


He is just so amazingly good. Will have contract offers flooding in. Should’ve played seniors all year. Premiership player, don’t you know. Almost beat Nic OBrien for VFL B&F votes.

(I feel like I’m the karmabomber to his Devon Smith, the Lee to his Neil Craig, the Seddonbomber’s Mum to his Seddonbomber’s kitten)



Langford should be pushing past him

Stringer into Jobes spot


The classics never die.


I couldn’t work out whether it would be “the fireball to his pazza “ or “the little bit of water to his fireball”


I want to mention medium/long distance creative handballs.

They can generate high quality clearances for teammates…initiating a chain of possessions.

We know that Jobe was our master of them.

I believe that Langford can become our leader in this discipline going forward. He has the strength to do it, and I believe he looks further afield than others on our list (hence why he is caught lingering sometimes).

Comparing him to some of our other players:

  • Myers just bangs it on the boot, and Heppell is a bit the same IMO.
  • Zerrett/McGrath may never have the strength for expansive handballs IMO.
  • Laverde has the strength, but not the vision IMO.
  • Even Parish, who I think is a great handballer, I feel is a “take first option with handball, being the one closest by, but do it with devastating pace, and follow up for 1-2” player.
  • Begley does have potential IMO. I have seen him deliver great handball assists in the forward line.

…anyway…clearly…I have high hopes for Langford.


Can’t answer for Myers but I believe when compared to the rest Langford would have compared favourably in the VFL B&F votes per match…

He absolutely stood out.


Hocking won the VFL BNF. Unsure where lanford came?
Edit just looked it up

1 – Heath Hocking (217)

2 – Kobe Mutch (213) Deserves a run at AFL level next year.

3 – Nick O’Brien (210)

4 – Craig Bird (199)

Dylan Clarke (199) A lot better then expected

6 – Alex Boyse (197)

7 – Josh Begley (182)

8 – Kyle Langford (180)

9 – Nick Hind (178)

10 – Mason Redman (177)

To be fair Langford would have played less VFL then the others above him.


Dylan Clarke’s votes surprised me. From what I saw he was useful a lot of the time, but not a huge impact. Nothing to sneeze at for a kid in their first year of seniors, and playing a new role to boot, but I thought maybe 3-4 others (Redman, Jerrett, Begley) had better seasons.


He is right in front of you in 8th lol.

37 votes behind the winner.


The below is a post from @theDJR that calls points per game. Excuse my inability to properly quote on the phone.

I know some people will like the result of this, points per game…

Craig Bird: 14.2 - up 3
Heath Hocking: 13.6 - down 1
Kyle Langford: 12.9 - up 5
Alex Boyse: 12.3 - up 2
Josh Begley: 12.1 - up 2
Nick Hind: 11.9 - up 3
Kobe Mutch: 11.8 - down 5
Nick O’Brien: 11.7 - down 5
Dylan Clarke: 11.1 - down 5
Mason Redman: 9.8


HAP – Like you, I’m surprised at how well DC did in the B&F. I know the knock on him is disposal but it does suggest that he might be one to watch over the next year or 2. Someone mentioned that early in his draft year he was rated a top 20 prospect but slipped due to his kicking.

Reminds me a little of Hocking – almost identical build – and might be another option for a bigger-bodied mid. Sure, he’s not silky, but could add a little grunt in there. On early impressions, Begley has the silk…


You can see why people are excited by Langford VFL performances. You can see why Begley got a game ahead of Mutch and Clarke.

You can also see why the treatment of Bird mystified some.

And if it wasn’t for the dodgy knees and poor attitudes you can see why Boyse and Hind have got plenty of admirers.

Just because I am a Clarke fan, it is worth noting he started the year in an inside role that is his go, but finished it in a flanker role trying to learn how to do something else.

Votes after round six…
1st Clarke 74
2nd Hocking 74
3rd O’Brien 73

Votes after round 12…
Hocking 150
Clarke 143
O’Brien 136

… and from @frosty

Top 10 after round 17
Hocking 207
Begley 182
Boyse 177
Mutch 173
O’Brien 171
Bird 171
Clarke 169
Long 156
Langford 145
Hind 145


Good hands, good kick and seems to do pretty well in the VFL but agree with you on the slowness of his decision making. Just seems to take way too long to work out what to do.

With the delistings and retirements, now is his time to get in there and show us what he can do at the top level. I see potential – fingers crossed he can deliver on it in 2018. With the addition of Stringer we might not need him as badly as we did before the trade period but he’d be handy.

On form, Kobe Mutch might be worth trying out in there. At 187cm, he’s tall-ish but built more like Dyson. Seems to read the play a little better than Langford as well.