#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


He played 4 games of SANFL last year, and started in the SANFL this year after missing the whole pre-season comp and the start of the season proper with a hamstring injury, which I would consider mitigating circumstances.

I don’t disagree with your point that playing state league isn’t inherently a negative reflection on a player, I just think your example of the Crouch brothers is way off the mark. Especially saying Matt Crouch only broke through this year. He was a fixture in their team all of last year, and one of their leading ball winners. If Langford’s 2017 had been Crouch’s 2016 (22 games, 27 disposals and 4 clearance a game), this thread would quite rightly be nonstop lid off.

The reason I’m arguing about the specific case rather than the general point is not because mids that aren’t best 22 within their first few years don’t exist (eg Seb Ross as Noonan points out), but because they’re not very common, and I think it’s important to acknowledge how uncommon it is, especially if you discount players who’ve been substantially injured early on.

Obviously if you see “it” in Langford there are examples to show him becoming a topline mid from where he is now isn’t unprecedented. But I think it’s reasonable for people who don’t see “it” to be at least concerned that his career from here will be like most players who’ve had similar careers to date.


I don’t disagree with what you are saying in relation to it being an unusual route for a young mid to take. Most young players are drafted as mids and are generally given a lot more opportunity to prove themselves.

The point I’m making is that some are saying that Langford cant play as a mid and I’m asking where is the evidence of that? I would imagine most are forming an opinion based on his output in the AFL which I believe to be very unfair considering he’s played all of about two minutes as a mid.

All I am saying is don’t write him off on the back of what he has produced at AFL level because in my opinion this year he didn’t get nearly enough opportunity.


I’m sticking to this. @Killer_Mike is spot on.

Actually I see my previous post got 25 likes so I’m going to assume there is more support for Kyle than this thread actually demonstrates.

As an aside I just learnt Corey Feldman’s biography is called Coreyrography - ROFL. I’m not sure what implications this has for Langford but I think it is a positive.


Some players just divide opinion and I think Langers is one of those.

Even Dangerfield divides opinion and he’s the best player in the comp.


No, he’s not!

Martin is! or is it FRANKLIN???


A lot of people want him to be the next Jobe… a big loper who looks like he doesn’t give a stuff for a few years then suddenly decides to pull his finger out to become the gun inside mid the team needs. Lot of unfair expectation to live up to.


Yeah, I find that very strange. They play nothing alike.

It’s like wanting your misses to look like Scarlett Johansson. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.


Out of our whole list im most looking forward to Langford and Francis’ development this year. Breakout years from them could transform the team.


Wrong thread, but since you started it. Fantasia for me. Kid has soooo much talent. Copped some unfortunate injuries. But could be elite elite. Could knock his football role model Eddie Betts out of the All Australian side.

I like the boy.


This thread is going to be ground zero for how long the off season is.


#4 .


I’ve changed the thread title.



R u ok?




Get on board Riolio.


I honestly don’t understand how people can watch this guy and not see the potential


I felt exactly the same way about Irish.

You could see it was just one or two minor improvements and he was on his way.

I think we will see a similar trajectory for Langers next year.


I see it with Langford when he’s forward but not mid


I think it will be a race between you and @Ivan with the “I told you so’s” once he comes good


I’m way to humble for that :grinning: