#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


We’ve had plenty of guys show potential and then get delisted.


Leroy Jetta had potential


I’m with Rolo on this one.

Mind you, I also didn’t see it with McKenna either, so wtf would I know


I actually thought McKenna getting 4 or 5 might’ve been a good idea

Not that it overly matters, he might be happy in 45


Probably was a Ben special.



That way he gets both. Smart man.



He has both, 45!!


Too slow!


I hope he will improve his on field intensity sharing a locker next to Parish and Smith. He probably didn’t have much in common with Ambrose and an empty locker.


You could clearly see McKenna and Fantasia breaking out with their improvement the year before.

Kyle, not so. At AFL level he moves to slow, is always a half step behind reacting to the play. His last impressive game was against Carlton up forward 2 years ago when he lead with conviction and converted to score a few goals. It was awesome to watch. Since then… meh.

I hope he and Lav fulfill their potential as they would be a big component to our potential and sustained success over the next decade.


All you downers are wrong about Langford. He will be a player


Both the Lang4ord and Lav should be AFL ready now. Langford is earmarked as a mid, but Lav seems to be in limbo, hovering as a forward outside the best 22.

Langford has plenty of skill and footy smarts, has a neat sidestep, but so far, seems to lack the necessary aggression and desire to go in hard, win the ball and use it.

Lav is the closest to the perfect specimen of a body since Koutifides. However, I get the impression he is not sufficiently clean below his knees and sometimes loses his balance and thats going to limit opportunities in the midfield. Unfortunately he might also find opportunities in the forward line limited in a star studded lineup.

I really want both of these guys to succeed and 2018 is crucial for both of them


I don’t mind that he got #4, i think the players make their own legacy, they don’t have to live up to the numbers legacy.

I just don’t see langford having a tangible impact in the midfield for at least a few years. whenever hes played there in the last 2 season he just kills forward movement. now some parrot sentiment at the club that he is ‘taking his time and thinking’ but unless you’re a bonafide freak like jobe who can think when hes got 3 opposition players hanging off you, its an uphill battle from the get go.

for mine, lav was the midfielder lang the forward when we drafted them.


Langford must have played ten games as a mid this year and everyone he had a huge impact in.

But if you are talking about AFL level he’s probably played a total of 4 qtrs of midfield time which is hardly a big enough sample size.

In fact against Brisbane this year I thought he was one of our better players.


The thought of Langford standing Dangerfield or Martin is scary.


Agreed. Stanto was never going to play like Hirdy, but he was a worthy recipient of the number.


Are you talking about the two guys that have won the last two brownlows?

Yeah, they get beaten a lot.


Needs to get a bit harder and a lot fitter. Has most of the rest of the tools - size, vision, wins the hard ball, decent disposal, works back.


Will be very surprised if he has a break out year.
He isn’t a mid, never will be.
Unfortunately doesn’t have any weapons.
If i was a betting man, i’d say delisted within the next 3-4 years.



I’ll take that bet mate.

How about $1000??