#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I will also take the bet. You are might be caught in a bygone era, I think


I’m in also.


I’m not allowed to bet. :frowning:


You can hold the cash.


New whipping boy it seems

People clearly failing to realise he hadn’t ever played permanent midfield previously and certainly not inside mid having to bulk up as he has.

Essentially played entire year in 2’s - deliberately - to allow for max midfield minutes and learning his craft. And his numbers were terrific.

Now to step up.

Opportunity is definitely there with Jobe moving on, and Myers won’t be getting looked after like he did this year.


I think some people are over reacting about people questioning him. Their legitimate questions, but it seems unless your of the opinion that Langford is and will be a gun you have NFI. People on here are so over protective of some players and any questions on them sees a complete defensive overreaction

He still has a lot to prove. The calls of he will be a star and a gun, are as stupid as that he is a dud. I think there’s a lot of uncertainty around Kyle and this year will give us a pretty good indication of what kind of player we can expect. I really don’t know, il lean towards he’ll be a pretty handy player but I’m far from convinced. Still has a lot of work to do to get there


Vanilla rice pudding.

But they’ve still given him No. 4…


After a year spent honing his inside midfield craft, hopefully these VFL reports (along with what we know is strong internal buy-in from the club) give some hope that he might just make it…

  • Laid 11 tackles to ensure Collingwood never got any room to move. Add in 22 possessions and four clearances too.

  • Tackled his heart out – 14 tackles to go with 20 possessions. Impressive workrate this season.

  • Impressed with 21 touches, two goals and a handful of tackles. Playing good footy.

  • Continues to grow in midfield role the longer he spends in there. Had 34 possessions and booted two goals.

  • A beast at the stoppages with 11 clearances to go with his 32 possessions. Relishing midfield time.

  • One of the Bombers best again. 28 touches, nine clearances and five inside 50s. Super.

  • A good game in the midfield. Had 26 touches and four goals. One “everything clicks” preseason away.

  • Another good day in midfield. Becoming a better contested player with 10 contested possessions and five tackles.

  • Not as influential as he has been, but defensively work was good around the ball.

  • Excellent outing with 30 possessions, eight marks. Bombers best.


I’d sum that up as very promising 2016 followed by very disappointing 2017.

I’m not writing him off by any means but he needs to get a lot harder and produce consistently at senior level


I’m confident he will change peoples opinions just like Irish did.




Donnington, going the full Donnington.

Never go the full Donnington.


More like Donburkington…am I right? #notsureifimright


I’d say he has two years on the list minimum before delisting him and that’s if he doesn’t improve at all.
If he doesn’t break into the best 22 this year, then his list spot comes into question and we start giving opportunities to someone else.

He apparently smashed intra club matches last season and sometimes it takes two years for that form to be evident in seniors.
We’ll know more about which end of the list he fits into by the middle of next season.


This means nothing. Craig Bird, David Myers and Heath Hocking dominate the VFL all of which means nothing once they step over the line for a game in the 1sts.

It is well known that players can dominate VFL and look all at sea in the big league. I hope Kyle is not one of these cases.


Kyle’s a jet, and a better kid from better stock you’ll struggle to find. Absolutely rapt he accepted the offer to take #4, really hope Blitz gets behind him.


I don’t think having some of the tools to be a gun, and having a lot to prove, are mutually exclusive.

Nobidy bats an eyelid when a potential draftee is hyped up as a future star - before they’ve even played a game.


Oh Blitz will be right behind him alright…with knife poised right above the shoulder blades when he doesn’t get 30+ disposals in round 1.


Yeah, I really hope not :slight_smile:


Inside mid growing into his body. He’ll be better in 2018, better again in 2019 and continue to improve as he develops.

I look forward to the day in a couple of years where he buries Martin in a tackle, the ball spills to McKenna who nails it from 50 and the camera pans back to Langford burying Martin’s head into the ground without changing the expression on his face