#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I’m predicting this from Langford next year

24 games
580 possessions
280 contested possessions
145 clearances
15 goals

Breakout year.




And he’s only 20 years old. Might mature when he’s 21.


What odds is he offering?


Rapt for him to be offered the no 4 and a huge vote of confidence by good judges.

I just wish EFC supporters would give their young players more latitude before writing players off.

The consensus on this site would have had Daniher as a defender and McKenna delisted.


We seem to be greedy bunch.

Most young players do take the 3-4 years to really cement themselves in the competition.

We have been utterly spoilt in the past few years with players playing full seasons in their first or second seasons.

  • Heppell
  • Zerrett
  • Parish
  • McGrath


Agree with the above, nothing wrong, or unusual for a player to take 3-4 years to establish themselves. I am in the “he will be a good to great player” camp.

Seems to be a lot of posters who want instant success (in their eyes) may be supporting EFC since 1968* has something to do with my opinion?

*that was the first time as a nine year old in rural Victoria I can remember supporting the bombers, as not changed since.


I have said this over and over.
We have high expectations and expect players to play right away because we have been so lucky to have had players play right away.


He’s 21 now. Has he matured yet?


I suspect there is a chance one of Laverde/Langford will be at a different club in 2019 - Both need things to go right in 2018 and grab every opportunity.


I wondered if someone would realize that.


So its happy birthday day to Kyle .
:balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon: :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon: 21 balloons yippee



For your birthday have this 2km timetrial.


Which he apparently blitzed.
Will be able to chase opposition mids all day.


2km Time trial - Top seven:

  1. Patrick Ambrose

  2. Kobe Mutch

  3. Dylan Clarke

  4. Mason Redman

  5. Kyle Langford

  6. David Zaharakis

  7. Josh Begley

  8. Martin Gleeson


2km time Kyle


Big PB for Kyle. Pretty handy to have a 6’3" 90+ kg’s mid who can run like that.


Just fwiw does anyone know what the actual times were for the top few?


Good to see 3 of top 10 were last years recruits. UPSIDE UPSIDE UPSIDE