#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Hes just about a Bont clone now. Cuz, he is looking good.

(Both 193cm, 92 kg, and both sport the #4)



Yeah rightio carnts that’s why he’s #5 in our time trial.

B R E A K O U T Y E A R!


That’d do Chris :slight_smile:


Langford finishing 5th would have him around the 6 min 25 second range I would have thought


Little bit annoyed at the frustration about a number really. Who cares what number anyone wears as long as they bring us a flag. For the record I reckon Kyle will turn into a star and this year will take some huge steps


Looks can be deceiving.




He plays like he’s stoned.


Brent Crosswell vs Langford


Time to look up the word laconic… almost as bad as cadence.


Brent Crosswell was a champion at 17.

Crosswell was a great player who had extreme talent. It was another era, but he could dominate if he was in the mood.

I still remember the day he smashed Robert Walls when both at High School. Crosswell went to University High and Walls Coburg Hill, and it was a grand final of the central metro high schools division vs northern. Walls was CHF and was playing for Carlton, Crosswell of CHB and was playing for Kangas. Walls was a sniper as a schoolboy and while I was in his team, hated the prick. Anyway Walls hit some smaller guy from behind and Crosswell smashed him. No order off rule then, and Walls ran away every time Brent went near him.

Langford could end up in the Crosswell class, but he has a long way to go.


Was referring to the playing stoned reference.
Crosswell was an out and out gun, but as far as I know the only AFL player to have ‘fessed up to playing under the influence.
(And by his own admission not knowing what the F was going on that day)


Crent Bosswell


Swell Bentcros


I didn’t know that finishing top 5 in a time trial meant not looking laconic.
Does that mean that players who finished middle or lower of the group are laconic?
Wonder where Hooker, Hurley, Zerrett, Parish, McGrath, Baguley, Tippa and Laverde finished and whether they finished above the ‘laconic cut’.


Bent Crosseyed…


We want them to do their best and keep improving. Running a PB says he’s doing that. And he’s still a kid at 21, but at that point where you want them to really step up.


Hot take: being laconic is a good thing


As a schoolboy player he was a monster, and back in those days the only chance any other kid could beat him was if he was stoned.