#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I’m 188 and he’s taller than me.

I would say that’s pretty close to the mark.


You are very, very good.


In the Skipworth interview, he commented that Langford was drafted as a forward and given our need for new big bodied mids, the club spent last year developing his midfield craft. Therefore I will be watching him this year knowing he’s into the second year of his positional development. I hope he develops a really good enjoyment for the stoppages and puts up reasonable numbers. I have him on the bench in the rd 1, (and Francis in the back pocket for that matter) as I think improvement in our senior side will come from the triple S recruits and these two in particular.


I would be staggered if Francis is in the round 1 team.


I think you should bet on it.




Get around the red menace. He has a point to prove.

I cant wait.


Where did you here that?

l think you are right. He knows he is two years behind Parish right now (and Oliver) and has a lot of ground to make up, in terms of development. The talent is there, the body is taking shape rapidly, l reckon there is not so slow burn going on within him right now. Maybe were are in the wrong thread.



Yep, itd take one hell of a pre season


If he does make it as an inside mid - he will be one of our best mids at setshots. It will be a nice change from watching Watson or Heppel line up to kick some mongrel floater that goes anywhere…


Gee, that’s a bit hard on Heppell. His set shots have been pretty good, but let’s hope that The Langford can up the ante and put pressure on all the mids to kick better for goal.


the greatest burning up of a track in the history of tracks and burning.




would need not only one of the best preseasons of recent EFC history, but a NAB cup campaign that basically either pushes gleeson or stewart out of the side, and they are best 22 every day of the week now


Would it? Really?
Ambrose and Hartley in the side for our last game and Begley in there as a pinch hit forward target. I think they’re all gettable, so is Stewart, so is Gleeson.


We are soooo in the wrong thread… Hi Kyle.

But Francis does one thing better than any of our defenders… and that is intercept mark. It was a skill we were slaughtered in vs Sydney. He is a chance.


Gleeson is a better intercept mark until Francis proves otherwise in my opinion. Probably Hurley too and he’s not great at it.


I cant agree that Franga could usurp Gleeson without playing some damn exceptional footy in the reserves first, and without Gleesons form slumping.

really think Gleeson is criminally underrated here. Punches way above his weight in terms of courage and attack on the footy, i good above his head and provides a great deal of rebound off hb.

franga cant even play a half of footy in the vfl at a mediocre level without being completely gassed.

Just think it will need a lot more from franga than just a good preseason to get him in the team.


Gleeson and Stewart are lock best 22 imo

He’s not gonna get a game in front of Ambrose or Hartley

I reckon he’s a mile off it to be honest. I’d see him maybe replacing Gleeson if he got injured or bad form. It’s about the only role suitable for him in the seniors


I’m not as convinced about Gleeson as some are.

But I agree that Francis is miles off it.