#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


thats why i have my reservations of him as an inside mid, although i do like his clearance work (from what ive seen at training/ vfl) he doesnt have that explosiveness/ pace/ brute strength, and ill preface that with, yet.

He’s got a bid body and decent enough inside work, but im really struggling to see how he’s an improvement (in the midfield) than david myers… granted langford has more flexibility in that he can go forward and be a threat, but if hes being trained as a full time bona fide mid…


I’m not saying it’s all I want to see from Langford, but until I see him chase and pick up a loose ground ball then I’m not taking him seriously as a player at all.
He’ll probably be playing in round one, and he’ll need some patience and that’s fair enough, but if continues to just…not do that, then I’ll pretty much be waiting for someone else to take his spot.


Not sure about explode from stoppages but is very good at creating space for himself in a similar manner to Pendles.

He’s a beautiful kick of the footy so I’m sure he forwards will enjoy having him further up the ground.


Myers was pretty awful this year in my opinion. I kept hoping it would all click for him and he’d come good again… but no.

I have no fear that Langford won’t be able to improve on that.

I am afraid that they’ll decide to run Langford / Myers / Heppell all in the one midfield. And I just can’t see that working.


Explain why he played so few games in 2017.


24 games not enough?


Let’s all defend our favourites by being deliberately obtuse


Dangerfield is far from my favourite.


That post was about Dangerfield


He does torch it a bit at times, it’s the only minor ■■■■■ in his armour, but when you do the other stuff as well as he does it doesn’t matter.

I’m yet to see any chinks in Dusty’s armour.



Play on.

Silly me thinking posts in a thread were related to the title. Back to talking about primary school in the training thread.


I was just starting to have fun :grinning:


Perception is a funny thing.

Dangerfield actually has the better disposal efficiency.

65.9% to 64.8%

And 4.4 clangers a game to 5 off similar possession count.

Danger has slightly higher goals average.


Those stats include a lot of other stuff other than just kicking though and as I said, it’s only “at times”.


I still have Danger slightly ahead purely because he’s been doing it longer.

Danger is more inside than Dusty.

Both guns.


So does Zerret, though.


No doubt. Although my perception is Zerrett does trying for really difficult pin point passes, where as Danger tends to shank them trying to kick the cover off it when running at warp speed. This is just my perception from watching, don’t have stats to support.


Yep. Danger more likely to dig it out of a pack. But I’d rather have Dusty delivering it inside 50.


Yeah, dusty has the higher assist numbers.

Pretty impressive considering the lack of tall forward options.


Watching him as a mid in the Twos seems a mix of good delivery by hand and foot, but can burn it a bit.
When his disposal does go astray it seems to be that at least he’s trying for the trickier, but more threatening option.
Made progress in eliminating his bad habit of hanging onto the pill too long looking for the perfect option.

The Langford thread waits (laconically) for the pre season games to start.