#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Agree with that


Opening this thread I thought I was supposed to be reading a thread on The Langford not Nuffies on AFL pages.


The fact you had this dream in January and not in December seems significant.


Oh, come on!!!


Unrealistic expectations?


You lost me at “or 2”…


Dan Richardson said he thinks Langford will play defense.

I legit hope we actually don’t pay this guy.



who Richardson or Langford and now defence


The suggestion is the younger end of age group guys have (after 8 or 10 years of it) formed a habit out of being the quieter/smaller/less developed one of the group by the time they hit 18.

Not sure if that holds up to scrutiny or not.

The fact the stats come from major league baseball, though, certainly make me more inclined to believe it. MLB development is certainly not like football. In most cases you get recruited from high school at 17-18 to go to college. Then after 1-4 years of college you get drafted (they do 40 rounds of draft picks). Then you play rookie league. If you’re any good at that level, you play short season A level. Then if you’re any good, you play single A. Then double A. Then triple A. If you go well there, you get a shot at the 25 strong major league roster.
It’s a huge, industrial scale process of whittling and funnelling, and the failure rate is bewildering.

All of which is to say, the stats they can produce on who is more or less likely to make it is extraordinary, especially compared to AFL where there’s ~80 new guys added in the whole league every year, and you’re half a chance of playing from round 1.

Maybe we should ask Professor WOB.


As a fwd i see him behind Stewart, Stringer & Laverde as a 3rd fwd option.

And as a mid i see Langers behind Heppell, Myers & Stringer as a Bigger bodied mid.

As a back behind behind Ambrose & Brown as a 3rd tall (with Brown more a back-up than longer term option).

So maybe he’s more likely to get a game down back…


I heard that and double took


Most baseballers don’t go to college.

There are quite a few, but I’d say a fair majority start in rookie league straight out of high school.

Whereas 99% of American basketballers or footballers come through the college system.


I fear he is going to end up a very good lead up half forward… At another club.


He was mostly following Stringer around in the first half which I’m sure was his assignment. You aren’t going to rack up big numbers when you have a run with role.

In the second half he played with more freedom and I thought he was good.

He needs to be allowed off the leash to produce his best footy.


I don’t. But that’s only because I’d have other in front of him for a forward spot so I’d prefer we see if he can play midfield or not.


I’d have a fair few in front of him for a midfield spot, too.


He played some good footy today I thought. I just don’t reckon much of it was in the inside at stoppages.

The boy can play, no doubt.


At the moment I actually agree with you, but I think he is a unique sort who if he comes on in the midfield could be a really hard match up for opposition clubs.


It’s very difficult to judge based on todays hitout. Pretty scrappy game and he was playing on the weaker of the two sides playing mostly a negating role.

I suspect it’s all part of the training and as the year develops his role will take on more responsibility.


Once he develops some confidence he’ll be a player. I’m still patient. There is no rush.

I’ve only watched the first half so far and he hasn’t really been on many contests, I’m also not convinced that was his fault.