#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


He’s definitely under different instructions around stoppages at VFL level.

At VFL level he is allowed freedom to hunt the ball which brings his best attributes into play which are his quick hands and also his ability to give himself space.

At AFL level he is always wrestling and concentrating far too much on his opponent. It’s either a confidence thing or he’s under instructions to play that way.

All the coaches continually say he is playing run with roles so I suspect he just playing the way he’s instructed.

We haven’t seen anything close to his best footy yet.


All about the education.


People do get impatient.

We have to recognise that he’s inexperienced as a mid and is still adjusting to his big frame.

He’s going to be a player.


the noticeable thing I see is he has some speed back. He is also a beautiful user of the football. That was shown today.

Rate him and Myers based on today because that’s tbe reality and the mere fact he went fwd with impact says plenty


I never saw the loss of speed to be honest.

He showed plenty of pace in the VFL last year.

He is a beautiful kick of the footy.

His contested marking is going to be very valuable through the midfield.


I rewatched the replay with the volume down so I wasn’t distracted by the waffle.
Langford got it a lot and did some very good things in quarters 1, 3, & 4… quiet in the second.

Take another look


If he made the 22 and could rack up 15 and drift forward for a couple of goals then thatd be an ideal settling into the year. Hopefully from there build up to a few break out games where he polls a few. Thats how I can envisage it if he takes his chance.


His inside work was poor today for the most part I thought. He actually likes to back off his man to give himself space as the ball goes up. That’s great if you have a dominant ruckman and your the number one target but if that isn’t the case you often get caught looking flat footed and he did. I think he needs to reset his starting position to a more defensive posture unless we are planning on picking Ryder and playing lanford at 6 o’clock.

His work around the ground as a mid though was very good today I thought. Just routinely finding the right spots and his extra size in the air was what we missed against Sydney in the final.


Going by my photos he need to be one meter closer. He’s in the right spots and in most photos.


I agree his inside work was poor especially early. For mine he pays to much respect to his opponent but I’m guess it’s instruction.

Stringer was just to powerful but that’s going to happen against anyone.

I really think this year will be the making of Langers. I hope they throw him in the deep end and keep playing him to speed up his development.

He needs opportunity now.


Last story I read was 60% do go through college.


You’ve got to remember about 30-40% of MLB players are Hispanic from the Latino countries. Not too many of them go to college.

Every now and then you hear of someone drafted, but they go to college rather than sign, and then get redrafted later.


thats what i dont get. has he been told for the past 3 years to be passive at the contest and not attack it?

doesnt make sense.


Having watched most of the replay now he really did get the ball wherever he went, all over the ground. Even when green was well on top in the first he found his way to around half a dozen touches or so. Switched very well between on baller and fwd and never seemed out of the play. Very encouraging performance


I believe he’s under instruction.

If you watch how he sets up around stoppages his first instinct is to engage in a wrestle and face his body away from the fall of the ball. He’s at a massive disadvantage straight away.

When played at VFL level his primary focus is winning the ball and he does it very well.

I don’t mind if they are just trying to teach him the defensive aspects of the game but at some point they need to allow him to play his natural game.

I was pleased with how he worked through the game yesterday.


When he comes into AFL side he may be getting a defensively minded role.

Certainly been a way to teach young players where to run over the years if following an oppositions star mid.

Jack Graham came into Tigers side and did exactly that and did it well, in GF blanketing Sloane and still being damaging when floating fwd kicking 3 on him.

Given Langford is just learning to be a midfielder it’s a good move IMO.


Don’t be a cvnt your whole life


Yep he got some good clearances in the 1st q and everyone in the thread was saying he was doing poorly. Typical blitz


His starting position and hands in tight are a work in progress. Other than that looks like he can hold his own and make an impact.


Will be in the side come round 1