#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I was about to say ‘yeah, but, was number 4 even a champion’s jumper when Jobe got it,’ and then I actually thought about it…


Considering that would mean him averaging his career high clearance and disposal numbers, I suppose it’d be pretty miserly not to be at least content with that.


I don’t see how you couldn’t be happy with that result.

I’d also just say, for all the accolades he is getting for his intraclub game, he friggin dominated in the intraclub last year too. In fact, he was better in last year’s game. It didn’t translate into the season though.

This year should be different though, and there is certainly more opportunities for him this year.


That they turned around and stuck him in the forward pocket didn’t really help his cause.


That is also true.


I’d like to amend my answer. Having checked the numbers, the following players averaged 20+ disposals, 3+ clearances, 3+ tackles and 1+ goal in 2017: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin.

I would be very happy with that output.


It’s not his ability to get to the right spots and find the pill that’s in question, is it?

I think his upside in terms of around-the-ground linking midfielder’s been obvious from pretty early, even from being drafted - and something Myersy is never ever gunna get good at (much less Howlett or Bird et al). He can accumulate really well for a big mid and he’s good enough at it that you don’t really notice him.

His weak point is getting worried off the hard ball, he got really bossed a few times last year (by JPK, which is no disgrace, but also by a few others inc some Brisbane scrub). If he just manages to halve some more of those, he’s well on his way.


I don’t know what your issue with me is, but going around to every thread potting me is getting pretty boring. If you didn’t notice, I wasn’t the only one to think the “born in December” thing was a complete load of sh*t


I would be very disappointed if he didn’t! Considering they’re setting him for mid, and he’s played forward flank previously.


HAP pots everybody in every thread, so I wouldn’t take it personally.


But it isn’t.
It’s statistically shown to happen in every one of the 4 or 5 established sports that anyone’s looked at.

You can argue what (if anything) it means, you could argue it means nothing. but you can’t just say “it’s wrong” and expect people to swallow it… because… just cos…


Yep. That’s my biggest concern with him as a genuine inside player.

In the dying moments of VFL final last year, when the game was still very much on, he half-assed a tackle on Clay Smith (I think?) who just brushed him aside like he was a little-leaguer. It led to the sealing goal.

I wish that tackle didn’t stay with me all off season.


But then on the flipside you look at stats after a game and he’s racked up like 6 tackles.
He just does everything unobtrusively.


What about all the footballers born in December who are absolute guns?

This may be all well and good, take it for a second I agree with it. but as I said before if you crack it in the afl, you cannot bring this up. If your good enough to get drafted in the first round, it’s had absolutely no bearing on your football ability


The stat itself is infallible. Any conclusion drawn from it is wank.


I just don’t think you understand how stats work on a population level.


But we don’t know whether it is or not. There’s plenty of bigger (real world) decisions that get made on smaller statistical indications…

The stat which would be interesting here is avg games played of drafted players, by month of birth.


Can play. Will play well. At worst a legit forward threat with excellent pace for his size and playing style and good hands. At best, dual role mid/forward with serious versatility to try to combat.


You’ve been very quiet of late, hope all is well and that you’re as lid off as most of us.


This is exactly what we need to see

It’s the least of Kyle’s problems anyway. The biggest, is how to utilise him effectively because there’s a player there. It’s not a inside midfielder though imo