#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I think Woosh may have finally found the key to Bomber’s old drawer.


bewildering comment by the coach. IMO they just got NFI what to do with him/ how to fit him into the team.




Well at least he’s going to be ELITE I guess…


Oh FMD, he’s on the pingas too.


…"for another club "


Die Kyle, die.


There are some rose-coloured glasses about the ability of Kyle in this thread.


How can Kyle become an elite AFL mid if he isn’t playing AFL?

Playing the kids? You just dropped one and didn’t replace him with another kid


Has anyone said Kyle is gonna come in and get 35 touches where 20 are contest and 10 clearances or is IT going off half cocked after skimming the thread again?

Many would rather see Clarke Langford even guelfi develop their craft in the AFL in the hope of a 10 year core to our team over David Myers who’s played 1 good game in almost 4 years


He’s got a google alert I reckon.


I assumed he was referring to Woosha saying Langford was building to be an elite AFL player.


Yeah elite AFL midfielder playing exclusive vfl. Wake up sheeple


know a guy at the club - spoke to him last week after Anzac day. They are at an absolute loss in the football department, no idea WTF is happening. That alarmed, but didnt surprise me.

The 2nd time in week the riot act was read - so they were hoping for a huge performance against Melbourne…



I know who the sheeple are and this thread delivers it in spades.

They could play Langford 50 games in a row in the AFL and he still won’t reach any great heights.

Guelfi and Mutch have barely played and they have already looked better players than Langford.


The comments pretty much sum up the thinking of this club for the last (insert some random number of years)

When you’re an ELITE AFL PLAYER we’ll play you.

because obviously you’ll need to dislodge all of those elite AFL players currently in the team

I think I know what they mean, but the inability to articulate development pathways to the fans and the media in any coherent manner has to make you wonder about their ability to communicate the same things to the players.

If they could come out with “Kyle has been working on a number of small things over the summer that we believe will allow him to take the next step from “good contributor” to “elite AFL player”. He played the first couple of games in the seniors, and was good. But we think he can be better, and so we worked with Kyle and have put in place a plan for him to develop those specific aspects in the 2s. He’s working really hard, and we think he’s growing as a player. He is ready to play seniors if needed now, but we really want to lock in the learnings at VFL level. The current plan is for him to come in after the bye, but obviously things can change”. And Kyle was completely invested, and believed that if he followed the path then he’d be set up for a long AFL career. Then I’d be happy that they had a clear and coherent plan.

But when Worsfold is sounding like Bomber, it’s hard to believe.

At my workplace management have been talking up a development framework for sometime. They went away and worked on it, but it took a bit longer than they’d hoped to bring it together. As every day passed the young people in the organisation became more and more disillusioned, as they wanted clarity about how they could develop their careers, and what the expected development goals and checkpoints were depending on which career path they wanted to follow. While management were working away in the background, talented young people were likely looking at other jobs in other organisations. If they’d communicated progress and plans a bit better, they would have had the buy in they needed, and would have had a bunch of people invested in development of the company.

Essendon’s great at communicating their “community engagement” initiatives. But it really feels like the core business communications, with the playing group, and with the fans about the playing group, are lacking.


Lol @ sheeple


chillax man, only a joke


He doesn’t need to reach “great heights” to provide as much as the rest of the list has been providing.


“Listen, Kyle, we need you to develop into an elite player, playing with and against non-elite opposition, before we will consider playing you again. Now please step aside so we can rush David Myers back from another injury; once you’ve seen his titanic turning circle and blind kicks and handballs to the opposition, you will know what you need to do.”