#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


You know what I find interesting? It is people who dish it out but cannot take it. At least barnz has something that he came up with himself.

But that’s okay man, chillax, it is just a joke.


He already provides that.


Surely you didnt come up with the phrase ‘chillax’. So original.


Chillaxing joke man


No more twitter posts.
You people can’t deal with the facts.


The only thing original with you is…oh wait I got nothing. Nothing original about your type, just a pretend mini-me barnz. He might be an ■■■■ but he is at least a clever one.

But that’s okay, chillax, man it is just a joke.




I miss signatures.

“He might be an ■■■■ but he is at least a clever one” - IT


Adress the point man, did you or did you not coin the term ‘chillax’? If you didnt then you cant be that original, and are just a pretend mini me of whoever the genius was that came up with it in the first place.

Personal attacks again, typical IT.


Considering you and barnz started the personal attacks, it is amusing seeing this.


and so…

core of this thread. 21yo kid, has sometimes looked OK. Good size, a bit of talent. Rest of the list out of form, 21yo kid plays well in the 2s (still has deficiencies obviously). Coaches continue to select out of form 28+yos. Thread wonders why. 'Boot suggests kid has met the kpis provided by the coaching group, and feeling disillusioned because he doesn’t know what they want from him to get a game. Thread worried about Essendon’s development, and worried that 21yo is missing out on critical development opportunities playing at the higher standard. Worried that he won’t every adjust to senior level because he isn’t getting those critical games in, in the role the coaches have said they want him to play, to help him adjust.

Thread questions Essendon’s development program

You say everyone’s crazy because Zerrett.

Everyone wonders why Essendon’s rubbish-ness for the last 15 years is seen as less of an indication of the quality of the deveopment program than 1 or 2 players.


Also listen here mate Mini me died last week so show some ■■■■■■■ compassion.


All I said was tell you to chillax, and that it was just a joke, a phrase which you have lambasted me for stealing from your wise self.


Keep digging you might find something eventually.

Chillax man, it is just a joke.


Why did you change the post, I knew who you meant?


Called out = “just a joke”

You believe it enough to stand up for it, or don’t bother saying it. Sniping and running away is just soft.


Dodging the point now? What was that about ‘can give but cant take’. You literally cant accept a phrase of your own creation.


Because gboard went off rails.

But like always your point is wrong jog on.


Frosty, I appreciate the time you put into this, but I disagree with the premise that you bring. Langford hasn’t shown that much at all imo. As I already stated I have seen more from a few of the other young players than I have of Langford, imo.

I just do not see what everyone keep saying. Lav, Begs, Guelfi, Mutch have shown more in their short times in the side than Langford has. As shown earlier, even the one game people tout as his best so far was below a decent level if people are being honest.

I just do not see what others keep claiming about this guy. I actually hope I am wrong, I want all our team to succeed and try to be positive about them as much as possible. I just don’t see it with him.


I am not avoiding anything. I said that phrase correctly the first time. I told a joke and you took it seriously. I told you to chillax because it was a joke. You have them spent the last 2 weeks having a go at me then throwing out that phrase at me. So I just keep throwing it back.

How about you let it go and i will also let it go? Can you do that?