#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford



He’s being played out of position. If they had developed him as a HHF and Lav as a mid we’d have been better served IMO. Anyway, if they want him as an “elite” mid we need to be pumping games into him Myers style.


Will probably have 40 tomorrow.




Pretty straight forward - needs to lift his intensity, his defensive skills and his work rate…ie not much…not


Can see Woosha bringing Langers in to play on Cripps next week and expecting him to beat him.


Hes got Myers playing HFF. Says it all


They really need to just play this guy now. If they think he has something just get him in, Myers isn’t offering us enough.


Well to be fair, he’d have more chance than most of our mids. Parish, Zerrett and Smith standing on each other’s shoulders wouldn’t come close to Cripps for height and weight. The guy is a monster.


I agree but Langers hasn’t been playing so that would be a massive expectation.

I was shocked when he lined up on Fyfe.

I have no problem with setting young players a challenge but don’t drop them if they get beaten.


This is my point. I’d rather us get smashed with Langford in the team in the hope he might learn something instead of Myers knowing he has already reached his ceiling.


Agree 100%.


Every game for the rest of the year. Make or break. At least we’ll know. We’re ■■■■ anyway.


You wont given the lack of support and culture. This will bite this club if he leaves - he can play


Was excellent today despite a massive shiner and corky before half time, looks a class above with ball in hand.


And a class below in the main game


You don’t have to share on this forum if you don’t want but how is Langers handling not playing seniors?

In my opinion he’s done everything he can and more and to his credit he has performed at a very high level for a long time!

It just seems to be a massive mystery what’s going on.


Unless he is completely not doing what the coaches want him to do, then he would have to come in against Carlton. Worsfold got asked about him at the press conference the other day. People are watching and asking questions.I’m not sure what the problem is with the team. Whatever they are meant to be doing is not working across the entire side- coaches and players. Is Langford going to change things? Who knows. But you have to start give these players a decent opportunity to prove themselves so everyone knows.


Bring him in!




Great post.