#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Am i the only one who reckons Langford is actually a decent lead up forward?
MAybe we can play him as a half forward and get him to lead up to the ball and take marks ? some thing we seem to be struggling with.


This has never been mentioned on Blitz.


I’ve given up on him. We refuse to play him. He’ll ask for a trade. Another first rounder burnt


It’s really annoying me. It was one thing slowing his development by not playing him, now it’s getting to Ted Richards point. We have fkd him surely.


no point giving him any more games if he’s not part of the coaches plans


It would be nice to have the option to keep him once we offload all of our rubbish coaches.


Hopefully it’s the whole coaching staff that aren’t part of the plans


Hope so, but I doubt it.
Either way I reckon Langers is gone at the end of the year, and I wouldn’t blame him.


Can’t blame him one bit, hope he tears it apart where ever he goes and really hope he destroys us when we play him to tech this club a lesson on how fckd we actually are


I found Wooshas comments about Langers becoming an elite midfielder very strange and if I were Langers I wouldn’t like to hear that.

Can’t be elite wasting away in the VFL.


Saw vfl yesterday 3/4 this kid can play- his handballs set up play every single time ’ repeat every single time.

He is afl and midfield don’t think coaches actually know.

Redman again is AFL off halfback- our version if Sicily


I’ve been saying this from the start he is a high impact player. Always looking to either put somebody into space or hit a target down field.

Hardly ever see him play backwards.

Even at AFL level he gets caught because he is alway looking to progress the ball rather than take the easy get out of jail reverse handball.

In a team full of crabs we need somebody that is attacking.

Struggle to understand why they always play him as the run with player.


He needed to be dropped last year and has done his time in the 2s. Give him the rest of the season to show that he has progressed from the last year.

I’m all for jumping on someone’s bandwagon, but he hasn’t proven anything yet. But he needs to be picked now, and played in the middle for a good run of games.


Further to that Langers is regularly tagged unlike our other mids. He always has somebody trying to take him off the line of the ball and stop him getting the ball.


In the AFL or VFL?


He doesn’t play AFL


Reckon he needs another 5 months in the twos to get cherry ripe


At least that means he gets a premiership with Essendon before leaving.


might bump up his trade value from a 4th round to a 3rd round pick then, we won’t be getting anything decent for him that’s for sure


its ■■■■■■■ bizarre, basically declaring that he’s either gonna be elite or a flop. no ■■■■■■■ middle ground…