#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I was surprised he said it.

We have had some strange ways of developing players in the past but this one tops them all.

Would have been better just not saying ‘elite’!

You would have thought they would learn from comparing him to Fyfe.


The age blokes must be reading blitz

On the real footy podcast today they mentioned ‘internally (to EFC) eyebrows are being raised as to the treatment of Langford’ and ‘other clubs are keeping an eye on the situation’.


No surprises to be honest.

Langers will have no trouble finding another club.


so who’s the joke on


We are sitting what 14-15 play him


This has been discussed on other footy forums - You think only discussion happens on BB.


Dude. It’s a joke. Chill.


How must this bloke be feeling. He can’t even break into the seniors with JD playing on one leg, Walla almost in a wheelchair and half the side horribly out of form.

They must be some hellish KPI targets…


Langford should start limping around training.

Might get him a senior game.


Or sign a contract promising not to apply any defensive pressure and turn the ball over in the middle of the ground on a repeated basis?

I think it is important to keep the options open…


and smiling after he ■■■■■ up


We didn’t fark Ted Richards


Yep, some club like Sydney will turn him into a star of the competition


What Sydney did with Richards wasn’t even that earth shattering.

They played him in a position that harnessed his strengths effectively, they didn’t move him around too much and they gave him consistency of opportunity. From there they were patient.

You can say exactly the same of houli.

Focus on a players strengths and harness them. Personally I think it is a much more effective development strategy than playing guys in roles that expose weaknesses and sending them back to the twos constantly to wiork on things which the lower level doesn’t test them on.

It’s farking madness.

Houli, uncontested player who likes to set up the play. He was constantly dumped from the side for not being strong enough in the contest (while Zaha got a free pass for a decade). Tigers embrace his strengths, we snigger at him for being chased elite in his role, he builds confidence and by the time the gf roles around he farking went when he had to.


That’s my point re Richards


Also worth remembering we got a first round pick for Richards (a higher pick than we initially spent on him).

So honestly, if Langford is like Richards I think I’ll cope.


I’ve stopped even thinking about Langford getting any meaningful game time. And that’s pretty sad, as I was one of his earliest and loudest promoters, but I very much doubt he will sign another contract with us. We have farked the guy over royally. A talented player that will go somewhere else to blossom.


So was Mark Harvey…


■■■■■■ hell… I really hope it’s just your opinion that he won’t sign another contract… but I fear it’s not. Logic suggests he’d be crazy to sign on with us and it’s highly likely other clubs have already been in his ear


Shame about Shitworth


Can you blame him? The treatment of him has been odd to say the least.