#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Right, let’s name the Draft and Trade page after some sad K.D. Lang song and also rename this thread “#4 Languishing in the VFL”.

You know you want to get back to doing puns again, Blitz



Laters Kyle :raising_hand_man:


What club will he win a flag with?


I reckon he will be in a bulldogs jumper next year


May as well start guessing where he will be next year.

I’ll guess Brisbane.




langford and 2nd round pick for de goey?


i think we acknowledge he is AFL standard, well I do. He will be looked at as a high HFF mid. ( not inside). ( its obvious coaches ). He will have plenty of nterest as he has developed his mid play and given low games will not cost too much of a pick . Well done club, bravo you have fattened up the pig for the market. Lav will be gone as well.








So Jobe rates Langford . What would Jobe Watson know about football ?


There is not a club in the afl who wouldn’t have him on their list given an opportunity. He’ll have plenty of options


and we won’t have any choice but to accept a meagre 4th round pick in return. Serves the club right.


I don’t care about Lav


Haha, trade? Why would he agree to a trade if they messed with him? He’ll finish his rep and tell us to fark off walking to any club he wants.

But don’t go Langers! I believe!


I’m no draft watcher, but I seem to remember Collingwood being pretty keen on Langford with the pick they eventually took De Goey with.


The pick that was top 10? Also pretty sure it was lav