#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Not sure if I’m glad you use the sanitised version of that song…


Reckon he’s been given the Wil Hams treatment. Hams had his papers stamped in that Adelaide game where he grubbered unpressured kicks into 50 and basically fcked up all game and we never saw him again in the senior side. Langfords game against Freo where he let Fyfe mark uncontested could have been his paper stamping moment.


I hope he has 40, 10 tackles and kicks 5 goals in the twos this week just to watch the comedy excuse as to why he didn’t get a run next week.


I always secretly hoped I was right, just to stick it to @Paul_Peos, but, not like this. Genuinely feel bad for him atm.


Think Tom- Bell was the cause of that !! 'didn’t look good but have another look.

I guess JD will have his papers stamped based on non compete against Sicily.

Pretty shallow thoughts I would think


Was it 100 games at Essendon?

Or just 100 games?




Also note the love for McKernan immediately following that post.


Ok, I’m still in it.


Absolutely spanked LDU from North last weekend. LDU has played 5 AFL games and on their extended bench for the weekend.
I’d love to know if its structural or a specific skill Langford is lacking. He’d be in majority of other teams right now.


Which in and of itself is so ■■■■■■■ dumb. Fyfe is the best player in the comp right now.


Remember that well but let’s not Quinn it. He had one bad miskick that hit a Crow on the tit and one really frustrating Colyer moment on the wing.

Reckon he was hard done by. He’s one I’ll stand by as saying he could be on our list and playing well atm.


Im curious no room for Lav hes my otber favourite. Tomorrow will be interesting i think for him


Agree with that had a heap of development in him.


He looked visibly disappointed after the team was announced


Let’s hope Kyle gets an opportunity this week too - he deserves it.


wishful thinking brother.

he’s dead to the seniors.


Yes he does… and hopefully should get it. They announced the debutants today but that certainly doesn’t mean there won’t be more changes.
Fingers crossed for Kyle.


Why would we play langers, we have MYERS


I want to see him play as a lead up forward again

edit; do you guys reckon we ruined this bloke by persisting with him in the midfield?