#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


He’s been tearing it up in the vfl midfield for weeks… just give him a decent run to show what he’s got.


He deserves a game but i can’t see worsfold making more than 2 unforced changes


No. I want to see him get an extended run as a midfielder in the AFL seeing as he’s dominating the VFL playing there and he showed promise in round 1 as a mid.


Thing is he can do both. And certain players do. Dangerfield has been used forward to good effect.

Our coaches could be more creative and visionary with Langford and manage him through both roles. If he goes forward and pinches a couple of goals then that has to be a good thing.

For me, it’s about giving him a decent opportunity to play AFL football, and see if he has what it takes.



I agree. One of my big knocks on Myers is that he’s so one dimensional and it hurts the side when he spells forward or back or he spends extra time on the pine and we don’t get the full benefit of rotations.


I watched Langford with interest against Sandy, and I was quite impressed. I thought some of his handball was very good, and his ball handling clean. A couple of times his second efforts were better than what I have noticed in the past eg he tackled and then was up and into the contest again immediately. Lastly, I didn’t see the hesitation with the ball in hand - he was quick and decisive.
Definitely time for a prolonged go in the seniors for mine.


Hmm, named in the forward line…

however, no myers, parish, you’d think he would play in the middle…


But how about his aggression and attack on the footy?
the guy pulls out of hard contests.


Mate - you have it in for him. WOULD you have run back into the North oncoming players in game 1 2 or 3 whenever it was??? Nope i didn’t think so

Start supporting and stop the critiquing- it does you no good!!


Donninton pls…

You want him as a lead up forward, but now want him in the middle.

We both know he’s playing mid. Just pretend to be happy he’s getting a game, then burn him.next week.

Give it a rest ffs.


All the best Mr Langford, may you have an awesome game.


I have no right to it… but damn I feel proud of Kyle. Has been dropped continuously for two years for no real reason, just puts his head down and goes back and consistently kills it in the twos.

Fingers and toes crossed that this is his moment.


How Lav gets a game before Langford is astonishing




langford and laverde in the same team?
this must be pretty ■■■■■■■ rare.


but its a very good mix


True, but he will probably have 18 possessions and then be dropped for Myers next week.

At least that will make for interesting B.B. threads this time next week!


The only way to find out finally if they are up to it is play them for an extended period

Then we can stop the debate