#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I think maybe you should.
He’s absolutely correct.


The second one especially was great body-work and a mark while falling backwards…

The irony is… he did way less to his opponent than when Gleeson got bundled out of the way for the winning goal in the swans match…


How good was his goal


No he isn’t but the day he is as fit as Ambrose i will agree.

I wasn’t criticising his fitness just the incorrect statement born of love and devotion.


I didn’t say it was but being fit doesn’t make you “As fit as anyone on our list”


I will retract that outlandish statement then.


Ah, sorry, I didn’t realise I was talking to a pedant.

And just out of curiosity, how do you know he’s not as fit as Ambrose?


Can’t wait till he has his breakout game. He’s brought the pressure and intensity to his game we were all crying out for. If he can manage to get 5-10 more touches a game he will be one of our most damaging players. Great improvement, we need to keep him in for the rest of the year.


AFL live app, if you’ve got the membership or whatever it is, you get extra stats


Just checking in…

Praise be the Lang!

That is all.


Leave him in for the rest of the year and it’s a fair bet he would be producing numbers like that.


Hope so, keen for his breakout game which should come any week now.


Leave him in for the rest of the year and it’s a fair bet he would be producing numbers like that.

No more bets on Langford.

No more :monkey:


Against GWS he really went for the ball and the man and got in the thick of it physically. Previously I had not been a fan of his as a mid because of his tentative manner but If he can keep that up he has earned his stripes as a mid.

One area he could improve on imo, is speed of decision/taking the playing on option when taking frees or after marks. Speeding this up will help. Its hard to assess, but it may be he is waiting for a lead up player and we maybe are not giving him that option with acceptable risk so he just kicks long. However, wait too long and the options are very often covered.


He has 2 good games in a row now.


I think Langford is choosing to let the players getting back into good position and backing his own ability to hit a target once they are into position.

Langford is a thinking mans footballer and is always in attack mode even if it appears he is moving slow.

Once he gets more comfortable with the speed of the game he will turn a lot of heads.


Really building now, was only a few contests off being the most damaging player.
Few of his hot potato disposals were amateurish. Has to work on being ready to kick by the time he gets it, draw players in and deft touch handballing. Bullet handballs are only good when the receiver is stationary or a reasonable distance.


Just like that you can see his confidence growing. Dont think ive seen him stand up in a tackle like he did on Saturday. Had that strength and confidence that I saw in preseason 2016. He’s slowly getting the intensity up too, which is key for him.

He’s had a good couple of games. From hereon in you just have to play him.

Still have my reservations, but im more confident than I was at the start of the year.


Getting handballs away effectively whilst under physical heat has been great to see. Jobe -esque. He doesn’t seem to fumble either.

All coming together for him.

Add the fact his pressure is always in our top group of players and he’s certainly doing his job.

Keep up the good work lad


Confidence and belief!