#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


THIS. I’m back on The Langford.

Have finally forgiven him for last years performances.


You wouldn’t suspect considering your name.


In general his field kicking is very good.


Probably the first time since 2016 since Kyle has had three senior games in a row. People wax lyrical in here but we are talking about a guy who is still in the process of establishing himself in the senior team. Like others I hope being able to string some senior games together gives him the confidence and opportunity to have a break out season.
I wish him well but the balls in Kyles court now.


Just hope his jumper still fits him, seeing it was pulled so far out of shape last weekend :wink::rofl:


Langers kicking can be hit and miss like any other player but his ability to keep it low and punch it hard can be a real game breaker. Has good depth as well.


I like the idea of Heppell and Langford being the chief distributors in the middle. Surrounded by hard nuts like Smith, Zerrett and McGrath (I’m sure guys like Parish, Mutch, Begley and Guelfi can be counted too as well as Raz, Walla and Irish moving through). The first 5 though, there’s your premiership middle.

Midfield is coming together nicely and might even become the best in the comp soon with Langford as the centrepiece.

Edit: with Langford, not without.


I’m pretty sure there is a good kid going to be added to that list of midfielders at the end of this year.


Good year coming up apparently.


No spoilers


Langford is a very good player.

He’s rising!!


Those long passes to a team mate in the centre! More of that please.


He simply needs to play more midfield. He’s class!


He shown enough no to suggest he can be a very damaging midfielder. His kicking is a real asset. Should be a starting midfield for the next month, maxing his mid time.


Say what you want, go back to the 2m in the second quarter. Stringers bad miss then Martin with the bullshit free kick absolutely killed us


Needs to play more in the middle, no other position


There was an urgency to his disposal today that I havent seen in his game. A couple of absolute laser kicks into the square had me thinking we have a serious player in our hands.


Starting to think his kicking is a weapon.



Best player at the club.


He doesn’t need a lot to make a difference. His are not the fluffy, safe disposals, he goes for it and more often than not lately they’re coming off. Not saying a lot, but one of our best tonight. Really growing into it.