#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


He’s a gun!


Was great tonight.

I hope he doesn’t get Dropped for Myers.


Can play. Who would’ve thought. :smirk:


Used it very smartly. Was a catalyst for our second quarter.


So much this. I commented in the match thread it’s almost like the air was completely sucked outta the stadium when that passage of play occurred. Killed any momentum we had and gave them the running. Stringer kicks that goal it’s only 7pts the difference and game on.


Our Simon Black.


Wtf? He’s nothing like Black





Thought he was pretty good. Keeps this up and il certainly be wrong about his midfield prospects



This the correct take!


He’s been getting better each week. Must be tome for him to play vfl for the ultimate good bloke Myers to come in.


They’re still scared to play him for more than a few minutes actually in the midfield. Unfortunately this coincides with the umps hating on him when he’s in the forward fifty…


True. At least one more holding free NOT paid to him tonight. May as well play him mid all game.


crowd was baying, could hear it through the tv, team was dying could see it on the tv.


Loved his field kicking. One of the best in the team
Still needs to find aggression. And tackle to hurt, not do it half-heartedly.


Some of those kicks back through the corridor were Banderas gif worthy. If only he got a bit more of it (although 20 disp is solid) cos he made things happen when others couldn’t.


Langers was predominantly played half forward tonight as well as stints on ball.

If they play him midfield for the remainder of the year next season we will have a 30 possessions midfielder that is damaging all over the ground!

The kid is a jet and needs to be given far more responsibility.


You need to get your own Langford forum, I reckon.


Scott Pendlebury v2.0 with long penetrative kicking. That kick into the middle, wowee.


He’s being played to his strengths across the forwardline roaming through the middle.

He’s still hesitant around a contest but he’s getting far better at getting involved in the play.
Should continue to play the forward role for at least another month.

Eventually, it’ll come down to him vs Laverde once Daniher and Green sneak back into the forward line. Langford has shown far more even though Laverde has the more aggressive competitive streak that Langford is lacking.