#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford




Lets not turn on him if he makes an error or has fewer possessions this week.


This is the kinda side Langford could open up on with solid midfield time. He got used to beating up on the VFL players once he was confident, especially the lower sides.

30 and two goals is a real possibility.

So is 60% game time in the FP for 1 goal and 12 touches.


I see in both scenarios you’re assuming the umps continue to murder him in the forward fifty.


He must have flipped one the bird one day. He’s had some terrible decision against him in the last two weeks.


Will get BOG this weekend


Not with Myers squeezing his midfield minutes he won’t. More likely plays 60% game time, had 12 touches and gets dropped.


Would be the correct placement of the two. Have you seen Myers play as a forward?!?


It’s 4th game in a row for Kyle. He played 4 in a row at the start of last year, and five was the most he played in a row in 2015. In 2016, where even I could have strung a few together, he played 11 out of the first 12 games.

So he needs a good one this weekend to shore up his place in the best 22. Train well over the bye and increase his efforts for the second half of the season to cement his spot.


Which is exactly the problem


thank ■■■■ he’s named on the field


I think it will be the first time he starts on the field this year?

He normally starts each quarter on the bench so hopefully this is a sign from the coach that he will get more time on field and midfield responsibility.


Still not convinced that he will every be more than a bit player.


Myers in is not good for him, will mean reduced midfield minutes. Then he’ll get crucified for not dominating midfield


How was he today? How much midfield did he play?


He was very good. He and Myers shared the job on Beams and did it well. So composed with the ball and a lethal kick.


Thanks Darli. Good to hear


He’s starting to look confident. Has taken a while, but I can see a player. It’s like he’s gone about things backwards - seems like a good decision maker, but getting the ball was the problem.


He waa ok. Did some nice things, but didn’t have a lot of clearances this week. Still, 18 touches from 81% game time. Progressing well.


laconically took a blokes head off :slight_smile: