#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I was surprised to see he had less of it than myers, thought he had a much better/more impacftul game than him.


Agree, but the chicken v egg is: are the coaches giving him games because he’s more confident, or is he more confident because the coaches are backing him?

IMO how he was picked & dropped for over 2017 & start of this year stuffed him up. Was worrying about not making mistakes, classic sign of confidence not being there

I reckon he’s a fair bit physically stronger this year too, 2017 KL got worked off the ball a fair bit, not happening anywhere near as much in 2018.


Probably his worst game so far but was still clean with the ball but not as attacking as usual.

Finds the ball easy enough though so once playing as a permanent mid he will go up another level.


I’ve always thought he was pretty average but after watching him live at the games last 2 weeks I would just keep playing him. We need bigger mids an least we can keep improving him.


If/when we are mathematically out of the finals I would play him permanently on ball for the remainder of the year.


Yep. An McGrath


Are they not both predominantly playing on ball now? Looked like it yesterday


He’s playing exactly like a very promising midfielder with 37 experience should. It’s just a shame it’s taken so long to play that many.

I think he’s building up just lik Fanta did in 2016. As he approaches the 50 game mark in the last month of the season he’ll really start purring.


I thought Langers had a good game. A good blend of negative work and elite field kicking - something we sorely need. His form over the last few games and the indication of, to me mean he should stay in for the rest of the year.


This guy is getting there.

Is really starting to show his potential.

Throws himself at the contest FAR more often now.


Yeah it looked that way, that’s why I got excited. You notice so much more at the games. Wish I could get to more


Stays in the team based on that coathanger.


I agree, I also like how he doesn’t mind getting tackled to give himself that extra second to dish it off, it also helped give us a goal against GWS. This is something I haven’t seen in previous years. His field kicking was mostly clean and I liked what I saw yesterday. Keep him in.


I love the fact he second guesses every disposal.


I’d say both played midfield, without being in the main centre square starting 4 very much.


I love the fact you’re watching tape from early 2017.


Dare I say he’s beginning to look Jobe-esque at times?


In terms of their contest work the big difference between Lang and Myers is that Lang gets his hands up over the tackle and releases. Myers rarely seems to do this trying to barge through instead, often resulting in a repeat stoppage, or dump it on the boot, often resulting in a turn over.


His kicking certainly isn’t


Jobe had a two or three year period where his field kicking was bordering on elite I thought.