#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


By the way if you need to ask for another photo…just ask.


Guelfi, Redman and Clarke…Gleeson is part of the team, add Laverde.
The rest are going somewhere else.


I wanna see more of that thumb or elbow.


I have a few


These are from the half time race.
We were sitting next to it. Other photos r on my camera before the game



Lang is thinking of where he wants to get the ball, prior to getting it. Now the guys upfield are used to him a bit, he’s actually able to draw & direct them to where he can see the game opening up.
Myers really doesn’t do that, not in congestion anyway.



Look at that pointiness.


focuses on elbow, not guelfi…


Scotty Lucas says “pretty average.”


Who’s kid is that walking in with the team?


He is getting the time he has deserved and he is building. He has a really different skill set to all of other our other mids and I think he has a very high ceiling. Whether he can reach that I’m note sure but he has a lot of ability and I find him to be an intriguing player.


I saw a bit of his school football and Taccup. He was very unique and alway made things happen. Good to watch and creative


You’re right, Jobe certainly wouldn’t have won a Brownlow if his kicking wasn’t good, he also averaged 1+ goals/game too. From memory, he backed it up for the next season or two as well. However, I don’t think teams sat off waiting to pick off those kicks nearly as much as they do these days.

Colyer also had a good few seasons disposal wise around the same time, maybe we should rehire whoever our skills coach was back then!!


Yeah, they have taken intercepting to a new level these days but Jobe in his prime would have adapted.

I hope Colyer can get his kicking skills back as he was very dangerous a couple of years ago.


To be accurate, Watson averaged a little under 0.9 goals/game for 2011-2013.


He just needs to remember to slow down and not bite off more than he can chew, he has always been handy around goals though. Be interesting to see whether they play him on the wing or in the forwardline, I think he’d be a handful in Green or even i Baguley’s role


Did you take into account time on ground %?? :wink:


From memory it was another Wallis.

Dean I believed identified that Watson actually had the technique that could be worked on.

Also believe Diesel did a lot of skills work with him.


Interesting point is that Danger wasn’t an instant midfield success. He was an impact player for a few years while his fitness developed.