#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Yeah people forget that he actually used to cop a lot of flack from Adelaide supporters for not being fit enough and coming in and out of games playing (predominately) as a forward.


Exactly. My memory might be sketchy, but I think he took a good 4 seasons before establishing himself as a full time mid.


Roughly. In his 4th season he averaged 17 disposals, jumped to 27 disposals in his 5th.


Building nicely and as previously mentioned some of his handball and kicking is sublime. Like the quick look away handball release in heavy traffic to a player on the break. The application of skills has finally caught up with his obvious talent + an AFL level of urgency to match.


Look 7 kicks 11 handballs 1 mark what year is he again?
Redman 14 kicks 10 handballs 7 marks
McGrath 9 kicks 13 handballs 5 marks
McDonald Tippungwuti 6 kicks 6 handballs 3 marks
Brown 10 kicks 3 handballs 5 marks

He debut 5th May 2015, needs to show some more…something something.


Langers and Myers blanketed Beams out of the game.

I think his influence on the game goes beyond stats.


Its called IMPACT


I think you’re 100% wrong but I admire your dedication to your cause in the face of almost everyone else coming around to him.


if kyle continues to improve and stays in the side for the rest of the year is he any closer to signing a contract extension with us or is he already gone?


You’d think becoming a best 22 lock would entice him to stay. It’s not like he has a huge amount of competition for his spot. And if he’s performing well, it gives him a better negotiating position compared to him being a vfl player at the start of the year.


Might depend on how much ground other clubs had already made with convincing him to go.


Do you actually watch the games or just read the stats sheet afterwards?


Looking through his draft profile a few things are starting to stand out.


As the clubs say, Langford has a lot of AFL traits and parts to his game that will translate to the next level. He can jump and take a mark – he averaged eight a game in the TAC Cup this year – and he can kick a goal.

But for a player his shape, Langford moves quickly on the ground. His 8.36-second agility test at the combine saw him inside the top-10 for all competitors, and you see it in games. He twists and turns in tight spaces and gets out of trouble.

Langford’s standout quality is his ball-handling. In the air he has confidence to leap into, over or in front of packs and take a mark. But he’s very sharp below his knees and often holds the ball in one hand while working out his next move – a sign of his composure.


All stuff he was doing all year in the VFL last year.
He knows what he’s doing, this kid.


Very smart footballer in my opinion.


I still have a handful of seats available on the bandwagon, but they are filling fast.


I’m not sold yet😊


Is going ok atm


No thanks, I’m lined up in the cold waiting for a spot on the Franga wagon to become available.


…and there you have it folks that’s why our club sits 12th. We applaud mediocre players that should show more IMPACT.