#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Because they moved him into the middle and hooker forward


Serviceable, but looked a little ill at ease in the forward line.


Probably cos the only games he played forward in the last couple of years were all in the seniors :P.


Because of his reading of the play, and skill set, l feel sure he is going to generate a shot or few on goal any time he plays forward. Needs to nail them and make the most of his limited opportunities in that area. He is a good enough field kick, hopefully it translated to his goal kicking.


Our midfield is a long way from being fixed.


Its been winning most contests for the last 8 weeks. It may not be perfect, but its going well at the moment.






Dat hint of smile tho…


Kyle “Thunderbird” Langford


Yeah it interesting. The stats showed that on Saturday we won 15 centre clearances. Now I don’t know what definition the AFL uses for a clearance, but there is no way that we won 15 centre clearances.

Watching the game, I kept saying to my mate “we need to win this clearance”, only for us to not win it. It became the running joke of the match…every centre bounce I’d say “we need to win this clearance”…and for a period (it seemed like 10 centre bounces) we would lose it.

Now I know I’m probably exaggerating, but It certainly feels to me that we don’t win many stoppages.

Also look at the stats. Belly won the hitouts 50:21 but we only won the clearances 41:27.


That could be a key to your problem right there Mr Bread.


What problem?


Midfeild is missing a Patrick Cripps.


I didn’t bother taping it, so can’t go back and check. My feel on the day was we did allright. I would note clearances is all clearances, not just centre ball ups.


Confusing what it “felt like” to you, with what actually happened.


17 midfields in the league are missing Cripps.

Just how not many teams have a player as surgical with kick as Zerrett is.


Re-signed for 2 years


Langford spent his first two years at the club playing as a forward but when the opportunity to play through the midfield arose in 2017, he jumped at it.

The 21 year old has been in career-best-form in his new role this season, playing 11 games and averaging 19 disposals and four tackles.

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, said Langford is a key member of the club’s future.

“We’re pleased Kyle has committed to the Club for the next two seasons, he will play an important role in what we are building towards,” Worsfold said.

“Kyle is now playing consistent AFL football and has demonstrated that he has the necessary skill set to be an outstanding long term player for the club.

“His continuous hard work and attitude both on and off the field makes him a highly respected player at the Club and we are excited to see what he can achieve here.”

Langford was picked up by the Bombers ahead of the 2015 season. He has played a total of 42 games in his four years at the club.


Good call can ask for more in The Trade.


Blitz panic dollars now being re-invested on Francis

Onya Kyle