#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


■■■■■■■ ripper! Great news. Good on ya Kyle.


Kyle’s a ripping talent, extremely loyal and a terrific person with great leadership qualities. Great work from Adrian and those around him getting that one done.


Is Jackets going for the Ls this year? Langford, Lynch and L…




Awesome news!




This was the top priority. Excellent news.

Stewart the next on my wish list.


Considering the size he’s had to add to his frame and going from a third tall to a midfielder I think he has developed very fast.

I think he has some way to go to meet his potential yet


Only two huh…


No doubting what he has had to do. Point was that he has gone about this quietly (and not a joke about the Kyle smile) and that he hasn’t exploded into this role. I don’t know how well known he would be amongst opposition supporters. He and the club have gone about it carefully and successfully. Sent him to the VFL to work things out and he has done that. If he keeps going the way he had, then in a year or so he will be very well known to everyone.


He’s a beautiful mover, a really elegant player.

His problems in previous years were not getting enough of the ball, and then getting caught with it when he had it.

Now he’s getting it consistently and disposing of it generally very well, and not being caught.

He needs to work on his goal kicking. It actually seems to have gone backwards, but he’s the kind of player who will get that right. If he can add a goal or two each week to what he’s already doing he will be a really valuable player.


His field kicking to hit a target is really excellent. He’s good at spotting a player and then hitting them.


Why hasn’t he signed ye…oh wait…why hasn’t Francis signed yet?

Good stuff Kyle.


True dat. Unknown to most everyone.

But you mark my words.
It’ll only be a matter of time and the name on everyone’s lips will be Kyle Lankford.


Kudos to Woosha and crew for sending him back to the VFL to polish his game and credit to Kyle for responding accordingly.


l am looking forward to 2 more years of improvement. Wonder were he will be by then. Probably need to play at Etihad with the roof open.


Meanwhile, at The Langford residence:

Ps, this is fantastic news.


The commentators are certainly starting to take notice.

This time next year I suspect the whole AFL community will know about him.


Yeah, but if the club continue to fark up his development in this disgraceful way, he’ll be gone, right?


As the late, great Richie Benaud used to say:

I like that.