#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I’ve been hard on Kyle, I don’t take any of it back.

I’m rapt to be proven wrong. He’s matured so much this season, so much stronger over the ball.

Keep it going, lad.


Why do you hate Kyle?


He’s not in my parish.


Well done, Langers. Reward for effort, but as they say when you reach your first dan black belt - your training has only just begun. Only 21 - plenty of improvement left. Good re-signing.



Will Kyle and Darcy forever be linked?


Here’s hoping, man.







They’re besties. Locker buddies just like Daniher and Merrett.


I’m very very pleased. I think that pretty much means everyone really important for next year is signed, other than Smack who has an offer in front of him.


poor lav, how his stocks have declined


Great news, excellent news.


That’s awesome news. Would of preferred a longer deal but I’m just happy he signed on again


Rohan Connolly calling him “The Langford” on Twitter.

Hi Rohan, good to see you’re a Blitzer.




I think we’re seeing what he’s capable of after a consistent run at AFL level.


Great news regardless of how you view him.

This is a great vote of confidence in Kyle from the club and in the club from Kyle. Securing a future champion for another 2 years.

Alternatively this can only increase our bargaining position at the trade table.

Both ends of Blitz’s bi polar spectrum should be very happy!


Hi Rohan - if you are reading we haven’t forgotten you once wore a Collingwood jumper and seemed quite happy about it.
Hope you’re well,


Although some of us appreciate that sometimes you have to pay your debts.

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