#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Surprised the demon of Tullamarine, Hayden Skipworth allowed this.


Just got back from work and saw this.
Fantastic news!


and in other important news today … “scientists think plastics are shrinking penises” from The Age.


post removed.
Don’t want to sully Kyles good news.


He’ll be back.


Well…I guess it depends how tightly you wrap them, no?


Never in doubt.


Says ‘Essedon’, delist


Changing my avatar name to Lolita.


Not surprised The Langford’s re-signed but very happy nonetheless. I’ve been saying all along that while Lav can become a very good player Kyle can become a great player. He’s 21, got great hands, perfect footy physique, knows how to use his body in a one-on-one, can take a mark, can think his way through traffic, knows where the goals are and can keep Bags honest in the pre-season suntanning stakes … there’s just so much upside.


The one I use is plastic


Now I really want to know


“Kyle, you don’t have to show real emotion for this shot, just imagine you’re yawning without covering your mouth, OK? And get it right, we only have the Hornets for another half an hour”



Great news to wake up to


You lazy ■■■■■■■


Just gone 0830 here, turned on my phone about half an hour ago and the message from the club appeared


I hate it when people are on holidays and it’s not me


Something, something Ben McNeice


Wonderful news, the top priority done.


I think it’s like one of those trade deal images they just photoshopped in someone elses excitement.