#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Fantastic. Love him that he’s getting a chance through the midfield, I swear he’s looking more and more like Jobe with every broken tackle.


Like this?


Thank goodness for that.

Offseason looks to be well in control now. Kyle was the signature that really mattered.

Now if we can somehow win a final, this season will have been dragged back from the depths.


Pure class. Rapt he’s sticking with us.


Kyle was absolutely stoked to re-sign


Dont know why they bother. everyone knows its fake. they could just use MS paint. same thing but takes way less time. see?


Who’s that


Morgan freeman


He’s a different kind of cat, for sure. Is not “stoked” with his contract.


He is so hard to tackle, just holds his ground with some great core strength. Only Stringer does that better than him imo.


Fingers crossed he’s OK. I’m a little concerned.


yeah not looking great apparently


Stands & Delivers.


Woosha just said that Langford off to hospital to check for shoulder pain from the Jones bump.


Hope Jones gets 4 weeks


Gone to hospital. Shoulder pain according to Woosha


Carey reckons he will get a fine for the punch and 1 week for the bump…only

He’s a ■■■■.


Sadly, he is probably right

If Kyle stayed down he would be in bigger strife



We should get Fark Carlton to write his medical report.

Apparently they like him.