#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Did Woosha just say he had shoulder pain from the Jones hit and has gone off to Hospital??


No, he said it about 9 hours ago.

It is a concern


Spoiler alert …


I was sitting right behind our interchange and saw him come off in the last. He dropped to his knees straight away but to me looked to be complaining more about ribs than shoulder which is concerning. May have a cpl of cracked ribs.
Hope he’s ok the lad as he’s been super important


Hope he is OK, he grabbed the back of his neck after the bump. It’s was very concerning. I hope that Sydney player gets 3 weeks for that, farking dangerous.

Loved TBELL giving it to him too.


On tje carey scale where glassing your mrs is up one end 1 week is at the lower end for that


Yeah, the way Sh**for brains got him was awkward, contorted his head/neck in an ugly way. Should be at least a 2 week holiday.


Yeah, saw that. Not directly after the hit in the middle. Was holding the left arm close to his body as he came off, which could be read as a variety of ailments.


If Jones does get suspended it makes it a lot harder for Sydney to turn things around.
He’s one of their few players who can move the ball quickly out of their backline


Have to question why he was ever left to play on by the docs.


Can’t say much but news this morning is good👍


He only stayed on to take his kick though, didn’t he? Came off straight away after that.




Yeh I had a red with Sheeds this morning and he said to say to me that he can’t say much but to say that he said it was good news.


But what about the 34???


Langford was cleared of all scans but has minor whiplash. Fair chance to play next week


Glad to hear he’s ok


mcneice missed a year with whiplash


I’m gonna say that wasnt minor.


He didn’t, he came off.