#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


nope. from memory he came off down the other end of the ground. it was idiotic by the docs



He came off later, from the northern end of the ground. Don’t recall him protecting his left wing in the time between, until I saw him coming off.


That was just a whiplash knock though


Kyle, along with Smack, have the toughest, most developed, necks at the club.


How good was that 25m low bullet pass from the pocket to Fanta(?) in the last. He received the ball and spotted and kicked in a micro second


Zerk is impressive in that field also


Watched the game again.

He spent plenty of time in the fwd line up against Rampe.

Rampe is a gun footballer and Langford beat him a few times.

He is gonna be a player.


Watched the replay. Ball in Langfords hands and he does not waste it. I dont think he has been beaten, one on one - is ■■■■■■ strong




Only a bit of tinkering and he’ll be playing the perfect role. Leads i50’s across the league for the past 3 weeks.


Like ■■■■■■■ hell he is.


I’m not sure if he was playing the defensive forward role or Rampe was being more accountable than usual but he did very, very well.


Langford has had the most inside 50’s in the AFL for the last 3 weeks , according to SEN article about our revived midfield .


You are fast Jobiwan.

I was about to post that. Great job THE!


North Melbourne great David King has given a glowing report on Essendon’s midfield after their exhilarating 43-point win over Sydney on Friday night.

The Bombers blitzed the sluggish Swans with their run and speed, as the home side were completely rampant in a dominant second half display.

King says a number of the Dons’ midfield brigade have gone to another level in recent weeks.

“What they’ve done is they’ve established their midfield, Dyson Heppell has taken the captaincy to whole a new level,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“David Myers is an extraordinary player with the impact he has on games, Zach Merrett does a fantastic job for them with and without the football.

“They sent Darcy Parish back just to refresh and realign a couple of things, comes in and has 26 and a goal and is a great defensive runner.

“Kyle Langford has been a bit of an in and out sort of player, he has played eight, 17, 6 and 12 games this year so his last four years he hasn’t played a lot of footy.

“He’s a damaging player, he’s had the most inside 50’s in the AFL the last three weeks. They have found the perfect role for this guy and everything looks good for next year.

“They reversed the fortunes on Sydney on the weekend, Sydney normally give you the audit. They normally say where are you poor? And their midfield just mauls you.

“It was reversed on the weekend, they gave Sydney an audit in the midfield and the Swans came up short again.”

The dual premiership player with the Kangaroos predicted Essendon to win the flag at the beginning of the season, and says they will be left to rue their poor start to the year if they don’t manage to make the finals.

“If you did the ladder for the last 10 weeks they would be equal top with Collingwood,” King added.

“They’ve won eight of their last 10, but their start was always going to come back to haunt them, there’s no doubt about that.”


Im in Port Douglas at the moment. It’s glorious.


You Kingsley!


David King:
Team playing well is playing well.


How about just enjoying some positive press.