#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


The’s thread’s title’s is’s doing’s my’s head’s in’s.



I wouldn’t bother if it was negative. Not going to bother with fluff.


Shh. This is Blitz fcs don’t write anything like this in here.


Not so much of a problem with statements like this in this thread.


Come down to Cairns and say hello :grinning:


Eetsa nota so bad Chris. Thesea boys, they botha playa fora Essendon. Justa a likea that lettle black fella. All ■■■■■■ gooda footballers mate.


Was there Tuesday night. Good spot, will look to stay there longer next time I reckon


Kyle Langford
Langford has been made to earn his place in Essendon’s midfield, but now that he’s there looks set for a permanent stay. Langford, who joined the Bombers as a first-round draft pick in 2014, started his career as a half-forward. But after coach John Worsfold identified his future as a tall and strong inside midfielder, Langford went back to the VFL to work on his craft. He played the first two games of this season before being dropped again, but he returned in round nine and has played every game since, including some strong wins against the Eagles, Kangaroos and the Suns. Langford suffered a case of whiplash late in the Bombers’ win over Sydney last Friday but is expected to play this week against Hawthorn.

Langford’s best game in 2018
R17 v Gold Coast. Langford had a career-high 26 disposals against the Suns and 10 inside-50s as Essendon notched up a win on the road.

Other contenders
Shaun McKernan.

  • Callum Twomey


His worst game since coming back in. So many of the midfield were down today.


thought he spent the majority of time in the forward line. I am probabaly wrong though


Is he playing the same role as he was?


Yeah time forward and time in the middle.


It’d be interesting to know the ratio of time spent forward to time spent in the middle, especially since Mckernan went down and Parish came back in


We were clearly a tall deficient in the forward line. He had to fill that gap and just didn’t really do as well.


Doesn’t ever impose himself on the game. Hopefully he learns to actually influence a game rather than being the icing in the cake


But you’d see him more as a one on one player or lead up forward than a pack mark no?

We needed someone to bring the ball down so our smalls could do something.


We were clearly lacking a 3rd tall all day, so I think he played predominately forward where he had little impact.

The move had to be made earlier with Hooker forward.


Done sfa the past few weeks tbh. Just seems to float in and out of games, and for a midfielder never really seems to get the ball around a contest, just scoops it up around the peripheries.

Should get Myers out and get Langford to play more around the contest and really in the middle.


russian roulette playing 3 slow tall mids in hepp, myers and langford

killed in open space because these three blokes are useless the moment the ball leaves their direct area


Wish they wouldn’t write all these articles about him


Big bodies are overrated. Starting a midfield with merett, Shiel and a fitter, more contested McGrath would be a much better option. We’ve been exposed on the G against tigers, pies, and now hawks. All torched us on the outside from the middle.