#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


63% game time 60% of that forward why!!!


Still means he got 40% midfield time, As soon as Stinger was injured, he was required more in the forward line, pretty simple really


No he got 40% of 60% game time SFA


which is about 25% of game time in midfield. Not enough


Weird that one of the runners in the team had that much time on the bench, surely he was carrying something?


Surely he was still affected from last week? Only reason I can think of for such low game time.

We should punt Myers and let kids like Langford develop properly in the midfield, and no, that’s not a 5 minute stint every quarter. I mean properly develop.


He got seriously poleaxed last week. From the ground to the hospital. I reckon he did well to play at all.


It is when you had shoulder concerns from a brutal bump the previous week.


Between Heppell and Langford both having limited on ball time it’s no wonder Zach got 40 possessions


could some say it was a bad call to even play him?


There wasn’t a lot to replace him with.


Zerrett still only played 79% game time…


He’s basically a one trick pony for the time being. Besides his disposal he doesn’t have anything else. Can’t impact a contest, can’t run, no damage inside 50 or at a stoppage and can’t play a negating role.
Plenty of upside but needs to concentrate on a specific area over the preseason to have a greater influence.


He’s about the least one trick player in our midfield.
Plays inside, outside, runs the ball, good overhead, tackles hard, nice kick??

To me he played like he was ■■■■■■ sore. Can’t think why.


These are quite literally all things he has shown at senior level


One of very few on our list who can stand up in a tackle too.


Plays inside - rarely wins it, second to it and tackles that rarely lead to a free kick or turnover.
Good overhead? How many contested marks has he taken, how many are inside 50 or monumental?
Can move the ball that’s about it.
He does a lot and has been given every opportunity but for the time being the only thing damaging in his game is his disposal.
He’ll be a good player but not in a flick of a switch, it will be a slow build but next season he has to have another damaging attribute.


Huh? He doesn’t have speed or elite fitness, he’s constantly at the bottom of tog%. Hasn’t made an impact inside our 50, he kicks it there but I was meaning when he is in there. You can’t argue he’s killing it at stoppages.


He’s doing all those things. most weeks. Not yesterday. Yesterday he was a bit crap.


Why are we playing him so little though. Only played 63% game time. Thats a lot on the bench