#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford



Nuff sed


That goal on the run in the last qtr…ooohhhh baby!!!


“Big game against the tigers at the G next week”
“yep :expressionless: really excited can’t wait”


he’s dead inside. i farken love it.




Opening minutes I thought he was going to have the game of his life with a few other youngsters. The injuries (including himself) made it a bit tougher but that was the best game I’ve seen him play. Hit targets, won it inside 50, chased hard. Imagine that confidence and eagerness in a tougher game.
Will be a star!


it’s quite remarkable how he langers has transformed his game. I used to hold my breath when he had the ball - waiting for him to get dragged down, spin into trouble etc.
Now - I’m full of anticipation waiting to see who he’ll sidestep, hit on the chest, etc…
seems to have gained a step or two as well…
hats-off Kyle. please put your stamp on the game next Friday!!


JOBE like.


I know it is meaningless now but thank god we got something out of the Ryder trade.


Gee playing him in the 2nds for so long has held him back.


Did nobody see him celebrate that second goal? I think I even caught a smile in there.


I saw it but I didn’t believe it.


If Anyone can .gif Lanford standing next to Myers and seeing the physical growth Langford still has,we have alot to look forward to.


GIF or it didnt happen


Was Myers holding him under his wing?


Getting confident by the week.

This time next year will be elite


That toe tap to Smith with a minute left in the game was deadset deliberate.


He’s been good since getting into the side. Now needs to work on getting it more. 22 disposal games like last night shouldn’t be his better games, it needs to be the lower end of average.

At that stage, other clubs will be ■■■■■■■■ themselves over him.


He’s never going to be a super high possession player.
Instead he is going to be a player that genuinely hurts the opposition.


His lack of facial expression and perceivable emotion say otherwise