#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Langford has arrived.


Impressive output, such an impact. Can’t believe he didn’t have more of it. Not only an elite kick but disciplined when nothing’s on.
He was excited as I when he kicked that goal in the last. Classy goal.


I know we played the flakiest flakes to ever flake tonight but I love seeing us dominate the tackle count. 11 for langers is superb and his finishing is getting better and better.


He set the tone with his tackling in the first quarter. Despite my love for Franga I thought Kyle was BOG


His physique is something else - he’s matured into a bull yet has finesse and skill to go with it. He can be anything he wants to be, I just hope the coaching staff are constantly telling him this. Seems the type of player that needs belief.


I’m hearing Franga bog, Lav kicked 3, 22pt win, and it’s all a bit much. But The Langford excited? …that’s stretching it.


Remember how he lacked intensity? Me neither.


Even the commentators had the moment where they thought they were watching Jobe tonight. Nice they caught up.


He has had an excellent second half of the year and will undoubtably go into preseason knowing he belongs at the level. He just has so much upside it’s scary.


He should now see his role in the team a lot clearer. Inside onballer who has a long stint ahead in that position. Myers will move on soon. Stringer is more impact than long stints in that spot for now. He is the go to man they can build on. Plus if we can recruit in another similar type then he has the necessary support.

He should be excited about his future. Be keen as mustard for the upcoming pre-season to improve himself physically and technically. A chat to Jobe and others about what they did to become elite would be a further boost.


He may not become the engine roomm type mid getting 25-30 disposals a game, but I dont think that will matter at all. 20 classsy touches a game from Kyle and we’ll win more often than not.


It has been great that he’s starting to hit the scoreboard a bit more recently.

His field kicking and decision making is sublime.


I think I saw him smile last night after one of his goals!

Never in doubt that this bloke can play, spending time in the VFL developing his game has paid off. Great development coaching.

Integral to the future.


13 kicks 2 handballs

Conversely Wingard 12 kicks 20 handballs. S Gray 4 kicks 13 handballs. R Gray 8 & 11. Little impact.
Stand by my theory that we should stop caring about handballs completely.


I reckon I just caught that too. I nearly fell off the couch.


I hope that was an Amart couch.


I wish it cost the same as an Amart couch.


His field kicking is just a site to behold.

He’s a serious weopon.

I actually think he is starting to realise it as well.


He’s still got it in him to play more time in midfield and more time on the ground. That alone will increase his numbers. Teammates will start looking for him more too.
I think he can become a guy that averages around 22 possessions a game, if he does that then look out!!


Great game by The… He looks so comfortable out there now. BOG for mine.