#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


22-24 touches, 6 tackles and a goal a game will be his one wood for a long time I think.


Will be a serious handfull when pushing forward as a midfielder. Not many mids will be able to cover his marking ability.


Not only that but he tackled a player, then rag-dolled him off the ball to quickly get it! Most animated i have ever seen him.


Makes a significant difference when a midfielder can take an overhead contested mark. Langers can, Jobe could, Goddard could. Myers can’t. Zaha can’t. If we can keep him fit and smiling we are in for a treat.


Heppell does as well, very good overhead mark.


[quote=“wimmera1, post:2240, topic:2084, full:true”]
Feb 17
Lav’s a forward.
Lang’s a mid.[/quote]

:stuck_out_tongue: !





Who’s that? That just Langford, not The Langford


He said fell off, … not fell in.


Laughing Langford


“Larrikin” Lang.

That’ll do for mine. In the great Aussie tradition of opposite Nicknames, like “Bluey” for a Ginga, …

Welcome to my lexicon, “Larry”


this will be like 10 for 10 in nicknames you give a player that no one picks up.


I believe that’s a Kyle kind of langford, not a THE kind.


Port fans are living the dream! :grinning:

The look on their faces…


That’s Mark Neeld just to the left looking salty as.


We’ve got an imposter!

#33 Jayden Lav - till 2020

Kyle LOLford iamrite

i know.


Is he drinking a UDL, I must have answers!!!

Also Laverde and Dyson must shop at the same store


Op shop?