#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I think you get points for relevance, I was more going for the vibe.


Langford I believe is going into business.

He’ll be the majority Cher holder.


please dont.


Whilst Id love Stringer to lean up a little,what Id love more is Langford to build even more power and strength.

There has been so many impatient and hard task masters here…still a youngster!!.

Will be a beast,and as I type this I realize that our big bodied class mid is evolving before our eyes.


I hope he doesn’t put on too much more size.

He has nice lateral movement for a big guy and I think as shown on a number of occasions this year he is already very strong through the hips.


He won’t.
He actually dropped 3kg this year to improve his mobility.
And yep, he’s already plenty strong enough.


He’s the perfect size for the modern game for the style of footy he plays


Yeah right, cheers


What do you have to say about that, huh?


Still haven’t forgiven myself


Don’t worry - I’ll keep reminding you if ever it begins to fade… xx


Has already started training.


kid means business.


didn’t get a full off-season


He probably needs to step up a level again to hold his spot.

If this trade period nets another good midfielder, it’s going to become tight for spots.

If it nets us two good midfielders, then someone is going to end up very disappointed if everyone is fit come round 1.


I don’t think it will be this lad.


I know what you are saying. But we are starting to accumulate some serious midfield talent.


You wouldn’t think so.
This kid will be a star.


His dad started two days earlier.


Presumably that means he will step up a level then.