#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Doe, you have no idea how competitive his dad is.

It was probably two weeks earlier!


But it will have jack to do with needing it to hold his spot.


There are plenty of blokes who will go out before this guy, especially if he steps up further


I said a long time ago,he will be the kind of player that will consistenty get 25 touches and kick 1-2 goals a game.


Yeah I agree, will be spending a bit more time forward instead of the bench than most other mids. Natural forward line player


The kids a worker, every off season he has been back early. It’s one reason he will be a Star next year. All those years of extra effort will pay off.


Saw the flurry of posts and thought he’d been traded for Ellis-Yolmen.


I sense a brownlow in his future


I think he and Stringer can rotate pretty effectively mid and forward, very complementary pairing to keep our midfield fresh and preserve our interchanges.


Yes yes yes


Ditto Smith & Fantasia


I love him, but at this point ld settle for some votes


Round 23 this year? Was the best 15 possession game from a midfielder I think I’ve ever seen.


I don’t disagree- just saying brownlow is fanciful stuff at this point, he’s got votes in him no doubt, id be tickled pink just love to see a few more in the bests, not even the votes.

Plenty of repect for THE. He’s a playa.


Reckon Lang has a bit of Hird in him. Won’t have a career racking up huge numbers every week, but will make a name for himself, picking out blokes with his kicks and making plays that even you didn’t see from the second tier at Etihad.




Hope he’s working on speed/explosiveness training in the offseason plus stoppage craft. Has the tools just want to see more consistent impact.


Hes been doing alot of boxing with mckernan


That’s good…training for a longer neck to get more free kicks. Clever boy


Remember that preseason when Jobe did boxing.

That went well.


Will be even better when Gaff arrives.