#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


I thought unboxing was the current in-thing.
Trust us to be off trend.





First of many Brownlow votes


how many?


What round? Port?




1 vote against the saints in round 21


Got a vote in the Saints game, I went live and thought he was our 2nd best player for the game, his kicking was sublime


Maggots have poor eyesight… can only see who’s within a 1m radius of where they bounced the ball


You obviously haven’t seen Cyril Rioli play.


The Langford is our man in the GF Sprint.

Clearly faster than Paddy Ambrose, but will he win laconically?


Loves a free ticket to the GF does our mate Kyle.


Gunna dress up in dogs colours to the Eagles v collingwood


Are you bringing your doggies die hard dad with you


His dad’s running to the ground - from Traralgon - despite not living anywhere near there.


I believe he is doing the ht sprint.
Apparently he’s quite fit.


Whaaat? This is news to me. Mind blowing.


Are we the only club that consistently takes the p155 with the GF sprint?

Saady, surely?


Kyle aint no sprinter.


It’s most likely a directive.
It’s the afl version of tarred and feathered.