#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


The Pidge


Only if they had to hurdle a series of passed out communications specialists.


Surely there are preferred ways of getting them to lie still.


He won’t say.


Yes, but that would be illegal.
On the other hand half of them will be blotto by half time and relying on Twitface or some such social media to let them file their copy the next day.
They’re available, amenable, and about as useful as they’ll ever be.

This way, clipping the hurdle with feet or knees wouldn’t be a Sally Pearson type disaster - something for the crowd to really cheer for.


McKenna and Mcgrath would be our best bets. McGrath has a killer last 50m.


We should be thankful the club didn’t make it JoeyD.



It seems we took this #LearningOpportunity and excelled!


Nah, then we’d get Hooksey to run it.


Anyone in a wheelchair after post-season surgery?


BUMP - THE Langford is up next.


Was too laconic to show up


I reckon clubs take the view that putting a fast runner is the GF sprint is too great a risk. It’s better to show that someone like Langford is quicker than we thought than to prove that someone like Saad is not as quick as expected.


Did he make the final race?






They should have put Parish in.


i don’t hide my love for this guy.

I thi k he showed some really good signs last year and with another big preseason under his belt he can go from a kid with talent to an A Grader.

Our midfield has real depth now so it’s only going to get more difficult for Langford and other youngsters to step up but I think he can make that leap.

Obviously his kicking is a standout and his vision is sublime, but he needs to start kicking goals more consistently and have more impact around stoppages.

I think he can make the leap and be in the conversation of a top 5 player at our club before establishing himself as a top 20 player in the league or even higher.



I like him, if only he had inherited his dads tank.


Nobody cares man