#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Have we got Shiel yet?


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Top 5 at the club is very high quality.

Daniher, Merrett, Heppell, Fantasia, Shiel.

That would be a huge expectation on Langford. Id settle for Langford to step up to our top 12. That would be more probable and a good win to have.


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Yeah, I think that’s probably more reasonable but I just think this kid has something really special about him.

Each possession is just so damaging and the way he can pick out targets is second only to Merrett for mine.

A lot will depend on the role he is given.


My sources tell me that Dylan is waiting for us to sign Stringer before committing to the club.


this just in, killer_mike loves the kyle.


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I’d settle for a good, solid and consistent year next year.

He showed some great glimpses during games. He had some great games, but I also felt they were in the easy tempo games.

I want him to get to a point where he “is in” every game. Get more mid 20 possession games etc.

I also want to se him stand up in some of the high pressure games. I felt he was overawed in the Richmond game, which is ok he’s young and gets a chance to rise to those type of games.


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Some friendly advice


I think he needs to aim to get it more. A stretch target of 22-23 disposals a game should be his goal.


Hopefully he gets enough midfield time and enough time on ground to do that. I wouldn’t like to see his midfield time reduced with Shiel coming in.

I also found it strange this year how he played fairly low minutes in most games considering how fit he is supposed to be and how useful he is forward. Hopefully that is bumped up to around 80% game time most weeks.


Needs to become more explosive across the ground…good mover but a nice player at the moment rather than dominant. Needs to become a bull


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and Francis


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But what do you think of Parish?


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I reckon Francis is more hit and miss. Does some brilliant stuff no doubt, but his bad is far worse than Langford’s, because occasionally he bites off too much